Seohyun: Starbucks
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Venti To-Go Cold Cup Tumbler @ $14.95

Domed Cold Cup Lid @ $2.95

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  1. leslie ·

    OK ssf style staff y’all just kill me thanks very much :). But hey some fanatic out there would want to know any item Soshi have even this cup. Lovely Seo! 🙂

  2. Hulgrid ·

    LOL!! WOW, this is very thorough. This tumbler thing, if I walk into Starbucks with one of these, will they put my Venti Caramel Frap in it for me??? Is that the point of these things?

    • ghizuu ·

      They will put the Venti Caramel Frapp in it but you’d still have to pay the price of the drink. The point and good thing about the tumbler is that it’s reusable and helps our earth one plastic one – time use Starbucks cup at a time. So from this photo I seethat Seohyun is either purposefully xD or unpurposefully endorsing a greener earth by buying reusable items =) What an awesome girl!

  3. c ·

    my guess is that Seohyun uses this in the plane to drink water kekeke
    rather than waiting for the air stewardess to refill the small little cups they give you and keep calling them back, she requests the air stewardess to fill her starbucks cup and sip away 😉

  4. Lemon ·

    Haha i just bought this a week ago. Its nice to see her being environmentally friendly. 🙂

    It’s perfect for drinking iced teas, especially since its summer!