Review: BSX Beyond 9 Hoodies
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Review on the BSX Beyond 9 Hoodies as seen on all members.

Style: This is the iconic sweater in the INTNW performance. Great and simple design that just screams SNSD. Emblazed with Beyond 9, and bold colors. It is a great casual piece to have in your wardorbe

Material: I love this sweatshirt, it is very comfy and warm. The one I brought was the gradient sea green one and the color has not faded from the 10 washes I gave it. Although it did lose a bit of it’s fluff, not a big deal. It’s one of my favorite article of clothing.

Rating: 5/5 stars

Unfortunately the sweaters are currently out of stock at GMarket and no longer in production.

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  1. Reichel Ann ·

    i also have mine . it’s green , like the one that taeyeon wore , it was really comfortable ! this jacket is worth my money =.=

  2. tantan ·

    i really really wish there is still someone selling this T_T i want this so much, I saw one of this in yesasia last year but i have no money! T_T

  3. Kim ShaYoong (ShanJoYoong) ·

    \/\/o\/\/. How PRETTY i want that…
    i wish i have that one..
    I Want a PINK , YELLOW and GREEN
    Like a PINK (SEOHYUN)
    Like a GREEN (SUNNY)
    LOVE IT!!

  4. snsd :) ·

    darn, i want one… 🙂
    does anyone know where we can get them?? they’re out of stock for all of the websites i’ve looked at… 🙁 🙁

  5. soccerz123 ·

    i hav the yellow one jessica has… 😀 and i intend to buy the red one this winter.. its reallyyyyy warm and comfortable, the only downside is if u sweat inside a room its really uncomfortable..

  6. andie_x ·

    I have one in Pink, M size and I’m trying to sell it. Starting price is $60 + shipping. It’s truly a precious item for me, and for any Sone I guess. I wouldn’t be selling it if I didn’t really need the money. Contact me on twitter if interested. Thank you.