Review: Panasonic AV Room Headphones
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Review on the Panasonic AV Room Headphones as seen on Taeyeon

By releasing this product, Panasonic shows their eagerness to jump in the headphone market, try to compete with big names like Sennheiser, Sony and Pioneer… Entering the medium level market, RP-HTX7 has stylish look, affordable price, and nice sound quality.
This headphone has the quality matches with the price. Plus it comes with various colors, from red,pink,white,green to blue. Not only that, the box comes with extension cable if you are planning to use it long-range.

For me, the weaknesses are:

  1. It will be uncomfortable if you want to wear the headphones for a long time.
  2. The ear pads fits TOO much, that it gives around your ear pressure..
  3. It doesn’t have in-built personal control or equalizer for you, sound geeks (including me) to play with. You could only control the the sound elements from the computer, or iPod, or anything you use it for.

4/5 Stars

The Panasonic headphones can be purchased at

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