Jessica: Who Wore It Better
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As seen in 3.1 Phillip Lim 2010 F/W 2010. Jessica is wearing the high waisted shorts during Oh My Lady! Cameo. With her hair in a updo, a polka dot short and heels. Lauren Conrad wore the same shorts to her book signing. Donning a black ruffle top with her hair down.

So, tell us, just which one of these adorable blondies wore it better?

Who Wore It Better?

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  1. Susan Lee ·

    i think Jessica gives a fun,fresh n cute kinda look with her over all outfit while lauren gives a more mature, sophisticated kinda look. but two of them r still beautiful not necessary from what they wear but inside out…

  2. mariie ·

    Jessica! Only cause the top matches the shorts better.
    If Lauren wore an off white top and side ponytail it would have looked nice.

  3. Rylee ·

    I’m not picking Jessica just because she’s my bias, but I felt Jessica’s top brought out her belt more and lit up her outfit. Her updo hairstyle also allowed us to get a complete view of her outfit. Lauren Conrad also looks amazing playing it safe with the black top and showcasing her long beautiful flowy hair, but it pretty much concealed half of the outfit.

  4. Adryanna ·

    ^ Agreed. Lauren did play safe with just a black top whereas Jessica wore a polka dot shirt which looks better with the shorts because her hair is up and we can see it. Jess it is! lol