Get This Look: Hoot

훗 훗 훗! The votes have been tallied up and the majority would love to get that 009 Spy look.

Get retro-fied with 9 different, colorful looks you can choose from: whether you want to go sexy with cute shorts and boots or go girly with a flowing dress and colorful earrings, it’s all here for you to start trouble and shoot some arrows.

ASOS: Short Sleeve Ponti Fit And Flare Dress @ $72.58
My Diva’s Closet: Orange Go-Go Boots @ $38.00
Briolette: Jeweled Button Earrings @ $35.00

Click: Puff-Sleeve Button-Front Top @ $38.00
Jessica Brook: Shorts @ $35.00
Milanoo: Green Patent Knee Boots @ $48.99
Briolette: Freshpearl Cluster Earrings @ $30.00

American Apparel: Long Sleeve Leisure Shirt @ $45.00
Secret;BB: Wide Leg Shorts @ $62.00
ASOS: French Connection Woven Belt @ $75.31
Shiekh: Delicious Taller @ $32.97

I’Miusa: Scoopneck Top @ $25.00
Vanda Catucci: Purple Shorts @ $30.00
Le Silla: Purple Boots @ $240.00
American Apparel: Chiffon Twist Scarf @ $14.00

ASOS: 50′s Bandeau Unitard @ $57.38
Michael Antonio: Womens McKenzie Boots @ $46.97
American Apparel: Lamé Shiny Headband @ $6.50
Forever 21: Rosette Studs @ $3.80
ASOS: Leather Eyelet Fingerless Gloves @ $35.86

PUREHOLICS: Sheer Blouse @ $48.00
STYLEKELLY: Tonal Trim Shorts @ $52.00
Jcpenny: Smooth Stretch Belt @ $17.99
Dollhouse: Ibizaa Knee-High Boot @ $48.69

I’Miusa: Long-Sleeve Pintuck Chiffon Blouse @ $30.00
ZOO: Buttoned Pleated Shorts @ $20.00
MARNI: Ribbed-top leather boots @ $480.00

Ode’: Sleeveless Sheath Dress @ $105.00
Smoothie: Patent Knee-Length Boots @ $35.00

American Apparel: Disco Short @ $46.00
Les Tropezinnes: High-heeled boot @ $138.00
Victoria’s Secret: Keyhole Padded Bra Top @ $29.50
Jcpenny: Smooth Stretch Belt @ $17.99
American Apparel: Cotton Spandex Jersey Headband @ American $4.00

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  1. Geop ·

    Oh wow. I was wondering how you guys were going to pull this off when I saw it was the most popular vote, but it looks like you pulled it off easily. @_@

  2. oppareul ·

    wow, tbh i’m totally disappointed in this. This look is kind of tacky and I feel like soshistyling failed to go out of their fashion box with their brands. Hope this picks up during the next GTL.

    • KitaHoshi ·

      Thanks for the comment, and criticism. The look is overrall tacky in itself and we always try to get as close as possible, but I get what you mean we do stick with the same brands usually because we are use to them and can find more items easily with them. We will try of course in the future to branch out to other brands of sites if that what people like? Do you think now out Get the look is worse than it was before? I would like to hear out the readers on their opinions on this so thank you!

  3. Colin ·

    when first, i read the title, i though u guys found the HOOT look… kekeke
    but seriously !!! this stuffs are perfect, almost look like HooT styles… ^^ thanks for this !!

    • KitaHoshi ·

      Thank you! Of course we would love to find the actual stuff from hoot but Get the look is as close as possible as we can get.

  4. Adryanna ·

    oppareul: This was really difficult to do since everything was basically one color and most of the shoes and clothes didn’t come in those colors. But we will do better next time and if you guys have any other suggestions of sites we can use please let us know =)

  5. Elizabeth ·

    I really understand that compiling a get this look for hoot must have been very difficult. I was really impressed by sunny’s but the others not so much. Maybe for a tricky look such as this one you could’ve been more inventive with your interpretations, rather than trying to make the looks too similar, which are pretty much totally unwearable in real life anyway. you could’ve done like a broad “real life” for daytime version. thanks for all your hard work, i love checking your site, and your always so quick too! ^^

  6. KitaHoshi ·

    @ Elizabeth you’re right we could have been more inventive with our interpreatations we are stuck in getting the look similar than to making them more wearable and hoot was the hardest one. Thank so much for you comment!

  7. KitaHoshi ·

    @Karina we do check out e-mail but sometimes it’s overwhelming and gets really messy or sometimes we get wrong tips or multiple ones of the same one. I’m so sorry if you feel that we dont’ care we do! Life of course gets into the way of this, we have our own priorities of work and school. We of course will try better to be more quick and responsive since summer is coming up. Please be understanding and know that we love all our readers and not wish to make them feel less! =) Thanks for commenting and for supporting soshistyling.

  8. mikami ·

    Wait . . . where are the guns? Just kidding ^^ Hmm… i think that Sunny’s outfit was the best. It was really a match :) The color of the outfit may not be the same but the ‘feel’ of the outfit is there (but the headband is kinda off). I also like Sooyoung’s outfit but i don’t really know what to say. LOL i just like it. Hmmm . . . maybe . . . i think that it’s tamed compared to what the original outfit projects. (i’m sorry if you don’t get it, i have to work on my English T_T) the dictionary says: tame –verb (used with object) : to soften; tone down. i hope you get what i mean :)

  9. Adryanna ·

    ^ We tried, it was quite hard to find everything that was similar and in those colors too. What we had in mind were either for people to wear it casually or for cosplay (like to dance Hoot in). Remember, they are wearing costumes and were probably custom made for the Hoot promotions but we tried our best and I think people got an idea of what it should look like.

  10. ミッキークリスプ ·

    Yeah, I agree that some of the items do look a little tacky. Like the button up shirts, for example. The looked too thin and pastel for the outfits. I think that looking on Halloween & costume websites would be a good idea, especially for the boots.

    If you all ever need help finding websites and such, why not post a thread for users to post links to websites that they find helpful?