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Spao: Slim Hood (Red) @ $26.76
Spao: HOOT T Shirt – Yoona @ $17.75

Spao: Skinny Jeans @ $35.59

TOMS: Red Stone-Washed Twill @ $48.00

Spao: Grey Graphic Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt (Campus) @ $35.59

Spao: HOOT T Shirt – Tiffany@ $17.75

Spao: Straight Skinny Jeans @ $35.59

TOMS: Black Womens Glitters @ $54.00

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  1. babiicee ·

    wow. yepo-da!!! if i wore that i’d look like an old granny. SNSD can pull off any look even just wearing a plain shirt and jeans!

  2. junpyo21 ·

    I really want that red and grey letterman jacket she’s wearing! it looks so good. where did she get it from????