Get This Look: Genie – Male
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Listen Boys!

Thought Girls’ Generation’s genie concept was too feminine with the short shorts and heels, to convert into a male version? We didn’t think so.

Here we have the ideal white outfit of the Genie concept for all of you males out there.


SEOBEAN: Ribbed Tank Top @ $16.20

Topman: White Double Breasted Jacket @ $90.00

Justyle: Straight – Leg Jeans @ $46.80

Urban Outfitters Ritano Wingtip Boot @ $78.00


G-naru: Tank Top @ $13.50

Slowtown Straight- Leg Pants @ $36.00

Deepstyle: Double Breasted Blazer @ $82.80

BSQT: Dress Shoes @ $43.20

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  1. LokiT ·

    I actually attempted to do the same kind of attire a while ago since it’s hard to find good looking white clothes. But the problem with this kind of fashion is, despite the clothes you need a certain hairstyle to accompany this look XD

    Just a fair warning for all the other guys that will want to attempt this look. Also make sure you’re wearing this at appropriate times. I suggest either in fall-ish weather or even at some sort of semi-formal/family occasion, This look would be very appropriate and would probably garner quite the attention. Thanks a lot for remembering that there are male fans who would want to incorporate a little bit of SNSD in their clothing XD I for one really appreciate these posts! Keep up the great work

  2. Rin ·

    wow, i was a bit worried when i saw just the title, but this outfit is hot! please give me a boyfriend who can dress like the soshified male outfits

  3. Taengoo ·

    guys will definitely give off a different feel/vibe with these outfits, but the blazers really bring out the marine look. i love the boots from UO, i think it’ll look pretty nice on girls as well lol ^^ thank you for putting this together.

  4. raeyvolution ·

    wow thankyou very much!! finally male version of genie outfit.
    btw is it possible to do oh! style male version outfit?? that would be really great

  5. Adryanna ·

    Hey, if you don’t know what to do to your hair theres always those sailor hats: if you go back to the girls version they have the hats there, it could go for boys as well.