Review: Fujifilm’s Instax Mini Pink Polaroid Camera
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Review on Fujifilm’s Instax Mini Pink Polaroid Camera as seen with Yoona, Seohyun and Yuri

KitaHoshi – Some of may you have know this or not but when Polaroid shut down their Instant Camera Line I WAS DEVASTATED, I saved up money for this camera. Depressed I went on line to look for some alternatives. And then I stumble onto Soshified and saw SNSD toting around these cuties I HAD TO GET THEM.

But to my dismay, there are many downsides to this camera. First off it cost a pretty penny to buy, and then there was the film which came 10 in a pack but also hurt my wallet. They are also the size of your credit card. The thing that p***ed me off it needed batteries but it didn’t come with any and it needed 6! I rummaged around my whole house for those elusive batteries. You also need good lighting when you are taking pictures, do not even attempt to take them at night even if you fumble with the settings.

The only upsides are that it is dead easy to use right off the bat. It is also fun to use with your friends and write little messages. You then get your pictures developing in front of you, which is usually a 2 minute wait, which is not instant at all, such a deceptive name I rarely that it should be change to 2 Minute Polaroid Camera! This item is more for novelty use then an actual efficient, and good camera to have.  3/5 stars

cream I bought this camera almost a year ago and still use it. It’s a cute, adorable camera however I would highly recommend that if you are interested in getting a polaroid camera, to get the Polaroid One600 Classic Instant Camera.

The huge turn off about the Instax is that the polaroids are credit-card size and the film is expensive. I found the quality of the polaroids to be excellent however, there is not enough space to write on. Keep in mind, if you do buy this camera, you will need a bag to carry it in,  I found the camera to be a bit heavy and nuisance to carry at times. 3/5 Stars

You can purchase the Instax on Ebay or at

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  1. TC ·

    this review helped alot ;D
    makes me think more about if i should get this camera or not
    thanks for this review ;D

  2. randykn ·

    i lost my battery cover for this (the 1 cover on the handle)
    does anyone know where i can get a replacement?

  3. Victoria ·

    hey soshistyle, i’ve actually looked into these cameras before and bookmarked a site that was selling them (the cheapest at the time) — just in case you want to update your post with this info.
    (white; newer version)
    (blue; older version)
    and the site sold film in value packs too.

    ..when i started this comment, i wasn’t intentionally making it some site advertisement. >__<"

  4. cheuw ·

    i have the pink one..
    but i’ll be poor for the paper..=(
    and this is really cool polaroid. i love this.
    and u know what? i decided to buy this one after reading ur post, most of our girls using this. and then i decided to bought the pink one.. ^^

  5. C-lowicious ·

    ROFL Dayum makes me not want to buy it!
    Although I would love to just have it for very special occasions. Thanks for this, I always thought it was just the best instant camera but I guess there is always a downside ><

  6. meifk ·

    It’s a shame that Polaroid has terminated its instant film production. However, anyone that is still a Polaroid diehard can check out the Impossible Project. They’ve picked up the instant film production patent and they’re the only ones making new film for your old Polaroid cameras! 😀

    I debated on getting one of these, but I might get the full-sized Instax camera instead of the mini since the photos are kinda small.

  7. Amy ·

    Instax film shouldn’t really be a “con” of the Fujifilm, because film for the Polaroid is almost as — if not more — expensive than the film for the Fuji. Given that the Polaroids are now out of production, Polaroid film is even more expensive.

  8. Cindy ·

    if anyone is thinking of buying one, get it from, i think its pretty cheap for about 60 bucks compared to urban outfitters selling it for 130 bucks. and the film is about $10 for 10 exposures but if you look them up on ebay you can find it for cheaper. 100 exp. for about 75 dollars is the cheapest I’ve seen. if you wanna read more reviews on this go to the urban outfitter site if your still hesitating to buy. hope this helps

  9. iqa ·

    I have the all white one. To me yeah, the film is expensive so I use it for special occasions only. I bought one after lusting for so long. It’s worth it. I bought it way before I saw SNSD using it but would have bought it all the same if that wasn’t the case 🙂

  10. LHC. ·

    D: i was thinking of buying this camera, way before i saw snsd use it. it just looks so cute. but does it seriously take 2 minutes? O___O that’s a hugeee let down. 🙁 and it always seemed quite pricey. :S

    but thanks for the reviews! they’re actually quite useful. 🙂 i hope there will be more reviews like this in the future.

  11. Frances ·

    I am actually planning on buying a polaroid right now but i can’t seem to decide which one to get. Thanks for a great review it definitely helped.

  12. Rekiya ·

    If it’s the Polaroid Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S, you need four batteries, not six, AAA size.

    Polaroid has also continued to produce instant-photo cameras, but they are tying up with Fujifilm so it seems almost similar, except that they have it in red/blue/black – you can see it on their website, called Polaroid 300 :

    Gmarket sells the film relatively cheaper, in bulk – by 50s/100s.

    But elsewise, I agree that the waiting time is a bit too long – it does take around a minute or so, but quality-wise I would think it is okay, pictures not grainy etc.

    I think you can shoot at night, I’ve tried it, but stay relatively closer so you still stay near the flash.

  13. Jak Jak ·

    weeeelll.. its cute!! but the cons are just.. whoah.. haha! i’ll just settle in my digicam for now.. ^-^ i’ll just have this when i earn my own money.. xD

  14. Esther Li ·

    The polaroid itself is not that expensive if you buy it from the right places!
    Neither are the films. Shanghai has them for $45RMB per pack (roughly $6CAD) which is only about $0.60CAD per sheet … compared to an older model of polaroid (approx. $8CAD PER SHEET)
    And plus, buy them off eBay in packs of like, 100, and it’s like $0.70 cents a sheet. You can get them for even cheaper if you look harder.
    Well, you can’t expect them to appear INSTANTLY … ‘instax’ was used because instead of having to go home and print it, you could have it right there at the moment …doesn’t mean it’ll appear instantly.

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