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The girls were seen in pastel, lovely outfits recently at the Biotherm Press Op. The girls wore light pastel colors to compliment with the Biotherm range they were advertising. White and nude heels finish the look.

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  1. C-lowicious ·

    I personally love what they are wearing. It especially goes with what they are selling, the whole natural kind of look. But THEY make it look good, if I ever wore what they are wearing it would look horrible lol!

  2. iced_tea ·

    i love those outfits! too bad it’s winter here TT_TT
    the girls look so pretty. definitely one of my favs!

  3. Enu ·

    I know where Sooyoung got her blouse from. It’s from a Philippine brand called Kamiseta.
    I was supposed to get that for my ID picture taking.