Yoona: Requires Constant Supervision

Requires Constant Supervision: Short Bill Trucker Hat (Replica) @ Funkyurban.net $19

As seen in: Girls’ Generation Music Video

Thanks to Louie for the tip!

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  1. Ghost ·

    Oh wow this is so old school ^^
    Their GG outfits were realllllly cute~
    I’m tempted to get the hat now since Yoong wore it..

  2. 소시짱 ·

    ahah I thought this was an article about yoona needing constant supervision!
    lmao at the picture! everyone has a surprised look on their face except for sooyoung >.< ㅋㅋ

  3. emily ·

    haha i agree with the post above me ^^ i thought this was about yoona needing constant supervision xD
    they look so cute in that mv :] especially taeyeon ^_^