Jessica: Blackberry, Louis Vuitton
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Blackberry: White Bold 9000 @

Louis Vuitton: Boetie GM Top Handle Bag @

As seen at: Shanghai Airport

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  1. SNSD Hwaiting~! ·

    hmm,….so she is endorsing in a chocolate (are they still?) a corby maxx, and now she has a blackberry… <–can she even type into that with her long nails? and tried to and damn it was hard…

  2. mikamiki707 ·

    wowww white Bold 9000 nice!
    I’ve Blackberry,too but it’s Bold 9700 :)
    If only I know Sica has white Bold,I would buy it instead. lol

  3. supeng ·

    to sator: They are endorsing several phones since haptic, so i guess its probably alright for them to have a few in possession. :) and man, i bet Sica is the one with the most no. of phones amongst the girls

  4. sator ·

    @supeng – I see. Hope that Sica will get a iphone =). I’ll think I’m gonna get a Blackberry as a secondary phone now.

  5. miinhanh ·

    I have an iPhone but I now want a BB9000 as my secondary phone too >_<
    since Fany has one, and so does Sica ah.
    wonder what phone does Yuri use. =P

  6. eugene ·

    eh… if SNSD were to be packin iPhones… now THAT would make them cool since they can be seen diggin on whatever apps they can get their hands on… i’m an iPhone guy/apple type guy anyways… would love to see SNSD sport more Apple gear than just iPods…

  7. taenyisjjang! ·

    tiff hv the pink limited edition one, i know yuri’s phone!!! she use samsung I8000 omnia II!

    anyway i’m confused by snsd, they make us want to buy chocolate coz of the freakin hawt mv, then they make us want to buy iphone bcoz of the official RDR app, after that they make us want to buy cookie, now they want to make us buy blackberrys!! –”

  8. orlando seo ·

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