Taeyeon: Nooritoys
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Nooritoys: TROM Bear @ Gmarket.co.kr $68.03

As seen on: Chinhan Chingu Radio, October 2009

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  1. SoShiLoveTY ·

    I saw this in Art Box(SG)!!! :DDD

    It is big but there are smaller versions of it also.
    The medium sized one is like S$40… i haven’t looked at the price of the big one like Taeyeon’s yet but I have to say, they ARE HUGGABLE! xD

  2. Katyanna ·

    that bear is HUGE! when i first saw this picture. i was like “OH I WANT ONE” … my sister have one but its not so big, not like this. hahaha..

  3. Stacey Jokela ·

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