Sunny: Givenchy, Sony, Airbourne, and more
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Givenchy: Phenomenon Eyes Mascara @ $29
Sony: Cyber Shot DSC-T900 Red @ $499.99
Airbourne: Effervescent Adult Formula @ $23.99
Jeanne Arthes: Boum @
Apple: iPod Touch @ $294.09

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  1. blasphemy ·

    LOL i guess i can assume that sunny is unaware that airborne doesnt reallllly work.

    some people think that the extra punch of the vitamins would help but (dont kill me over this or anything ><) but an example would be, opera singers take around 3-6 times the amount of daily vitamin C needed before a concert to ensure they dont get sick and their voice fails them….

    aka NOT GET SICK haha
    so typically airborne is not enough (in terms of JUST vitamin C) but we dont know about the combined effect of the other vitamins…

    point is! LOL xD
    airborne works depending on what you….believe…. LMFAO xD <3

  2. sweetphan ·

    where is this article on? i want to see other members bag content too as well ^^
    i don’t know if sunny owns an iPhone too ;D