Sooyoung: Marc Jacobs, BoA, Purell
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Marc Jacobs: Classic Q Hiller Hobo Bag @ $428
BoA: BoA @ $15
Purell: Hand Sanitizer Personal Pump Bottle @ $60

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  1. booger ·

    lol this is kinda cuute i was curious what kinda bag she had when they were showing the items haha 8D thanks for sharing guyss

  2. Spoilt ·

    I have always wanted the Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Huge Hillier Hobo bag! I’m so jealous of her, but she’s got a good taste in bags :)

  3. Lalala ·

    i had that in a smaller size but returned it after a week cuz it was too hard to reach all the way inside of the bag :P but it’s a gorgeous bag!

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