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Yoona: Madewell
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Madewell: Striped Transmission Tee @ $48

As seen at: Suvarnabhumi Airport, 02/12/2012

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Outfit of the Week
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While the group continues to traverse the globe in a flurry of concerts and appearances, they also continue the trend of looking stylish in doing so, and this week, it was maknae Seohyun’s airport fashion for their recent trip to Paris  that won out.

The centerpiece of the outfit was her long brown overcoat, keeping with the trend she’s had of wearing coats/jackets, and given Paris’ cold weather, none too surprising. Underneath, she sported a white scoop-neck T-shirt, and paired it with a unique pair of plaid pants that terminated into black towards the calf. For shoes, she opted for a pair of high-heels, with notable fur accents around the ankles. Finally, she wore her trademark large-frame sunglasses, which accentuated her famously clear face, as well as her beautiful wavy hair for the trip.