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Taeyeon: Chanel
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Chanel: Boy Chanel Flap Bag

As seen at: Incheon Airport, 03/23/2013

Outfit Of The Week
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This week when it came to outfits, we just couldn’t decide between a few members’ airport fashions and instead decided to award Outfits Of The Week!

First up, Sooyoung channeled a sophisticated school girl look, ironically on her way to Japan. She started with a maroon-colored sweater emblazoned with the letter “A” over denim-colored oxford shirt, which she rolled up to her elbows as a statement. Going down to her waist, a short black skirt accentuated her famously long legs, and with it only reaching her thighs, added a bit of an edgy flair to it all. Her feet were adorned with black ankle boots, whose short heel only added to her already statuesque figure. Finally, a yellow leather handbag hung across her shoulder, her only accessory, and she had her hair tied up in a sporty ponytail.

Following up is our maknae Seohyun. She continued her array of simple yet chic clothing, demonstrating her natural beauty. Leading off, is Seohyun’s whole denim ensemble. She paired an acid-washed skinny jeans with a light blue denim top. Since our girls have been flying nonstop to and from Japan, Seohyun decided to make herself comfortable by unbuttoning her denim shirt and layer a white top inside, with a khaki belt securing her loosely-fitted top. The statement piece of her mufti’s was the snowy oversized knit cardigan with big wooden buttons, not only the cardigan compliments her flawless white skin, the cardigan and the skinny jeans created a perfect proportion, prolonging her figure. At last, she slung over her slouchy DKNY satchel and slipped in a pair of white studded flats.

Jessica: ZARA, A.D.S.R., Chanel, and more
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ZARA: Shark T-Shirt @ $35.90


A.D.S.R.: Atkins 01 @ ¥15,750

Yuri Chanel

Chanel: Spring 2012 Collection Sneakers


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Topshop: Grunge Stud Belt @ $32.00
Zara: Printed Shirt $59.90


Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE: Ciccio Black @ €119.00
Topshop: Knitted Slouchy Pocket Jumper $64.00

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Converse: Blue Sneakers @ 69,000 won
Kai-Akkmann: Yellow Raincoat @ 161,910 won

As seen at: Incheon Airport, 03/11/2013

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