Sunny: Feltics HVPE, Feltics, Adidas Originals, and more
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Feltics HVPE:

Long Tee @ ₩52,000

XXX Leggings @ ₩39,000 (sold out)


Feltics HVPE:

Patterned Crewneck @ ₩68,000

Leather Leggings @ ₩39,000

Basic Bucket Hat @ ₩38,000 (sold out)

Adidas Originals: Extaball Shoes @ $75


Feltics: Logo Tee @ ₩9,900

Feltics HVPE: Leather Skirt @ ₩49,000 (sold out)



Red Padded Jacket @ ₩298,000 ₩208,600

Velcro Crewneck @ ₩65,000 ₩39,000


Feltics: Navy Jumper @ ₩99,000 ₩69,000

Feltics HVPE: Patterend Snapback @ ₩42,000

Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott: Caged JS Wings @ (Price upon application)


Feltics: Yellow Padded Jacket @ ₩198,000 ₩138,600

Feltics HVPE: ‘Blow a HVPE’ Crewneck @ ₩85,000


Feltics: Padded Vest @ ₩109,000 ₩60,800

As seen at: Céci Magazine, December 2014 Issue

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Yoona: Low Classic, Chanel, Reneevon, and more
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Low Classic: Slit Skirt in Camel @ ₩278,000


Chanel: A/W  Collection 2014 @ (Price upon application)


Low Classic: Side Slit Knit Long Dress @ $425

Reneevon: Fur Muffler @ ₩440,100


Burberry Prorsum: Layered Silk Dress @ $2395


Piaget: Possession watch @ $14,000


See by Chloé: Faux Fur Coat @ £473

As seen at: InStyle Magazine, December 2014 Issue

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Outfit of the Week
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It’s nearing December, and of course, that means Seoul is getting colder and colder, no doubt causing an increase of trendy coats at the airport (see Tiffany’s pink “rug” shawl). For those who voted, the majority of you decided that Seohyun’s Incheon style from 11/21 was the best of the week, and we’re here to break it down piece by piece.

By far the most eye catching part of her outfit, sans her bag, was her gorgeous tan wool trench coat, which provided her not only with a sense of warmth, but also elegance. She paired it with a knitted turtle neck, in cream, which is a classic combination when it comes to winter fashion. She went dark for her jeans, which were a raw deep navy color, and she opted to roll them up to her ankles, likely to accommodate her choice of footwear. For said footwear, she picked a pair of platform heels, black suede, and no doubt dwarfed the shorter members in the group thanks to their sizable stature. Her accessories consisted of a geometric patterned purse, and a stylish pair of sunglasses.

Congrats to Seohyun for winning this week’s outfit of the week, thank you all for voting, and for those of you in the US, have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

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