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With a style straight out of SoCal, Tiffany’s outfit showed that while you can take the girl out of Cali, you can’t take Cali out of the girl. She started with a white lacy top, noted for it’s prominent ruffles and pink(ha!) trim. Given the occasional breeze found in Japan, she wore a cropped beige sweater of it to keep warm. Moving down, a pair of rusty orange shorts showcased her famously firm and toned legs, terminating in a pair of tan heeled boots, which allowed her to match the height of the taller members. Accessory-wise, a white leather purse hung from her shoulders, no doubt carrying her many electronic devices. Finally, a pair of aviator sunglasses gave her a way to block out of the sun(and camera flashes) and match the other shade-wearing members.

Not only did she leave Gimpo Airport looking stylish, she also left with this week’s Outfit of the Week honors. Congrats!

Image credit: Oh-Taeny.com

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