Tiffany: Who Wore It Better?
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Coincidentally Miranda Cosgrove and Tiffany was spotted wearing the same Juicy Couture Faux Fur Coat last November 22, 2012. Tiffany even advertised the same coat for High Cut Magazine, Volume 90. How ‘bout that? They practically wore it at the same time! Great fashionistas think alike!

Tiffany was spotted in Gimpo Airport wearing the coat deciding to keep it closed for warmth against the cold. A simple necklace and a basic gray shirt was paired with the coat as not to over shadow it. She added black stockings as well as a leopard bag. Tiffany’s choice of bag may not be at par with the over-all outfit, disregarding it will be a good opponent against Miranda.

Meanwhile, Miranda Cosgrove was spotted in New York City about to go to a live interview with Jimmy Fallon. She wore a Suno Dotted Sequin Top and Alice + Olivia Metallic Shorts to her interview outside the studio. To compliment her inner outfit she opted to wear the coat open to show it off.
Both artists wore red nail polish that added a pop of color to their outfits as well as boots for footwear. The coat in general is very hard to wear without making it look like it’s wearing you out. Especially for the people who have curvy figures that would most likely make them look bigger by wearing faux fur.

Who do you think wore the coat best and gave it justice?

Who wore it better?

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  1. cream ·

    I don’t think the coat works for either of them. The coat looks like it’s wearing them rather than the girls are wearing it, while the black ankle boots don’t do any favors on either girls making their legs look stubby.

  2. Chi_Soshi_Angel ·

    I was very close to picking ‘neither’ because the coat does make both girls look bottom heavy and disproportionate. However, Tiffany, being taller, looks better by a hair by having it closed. Miranda, having it open, looks…drapery and her entire body seems to be dragged down….

  3. redcast ·

    that coat would look best on fire. that belt tiffany was wearing didn’t do anything to save that mess. it made her upper body look real short. i think it’s one of those things that are just better off on photo shoots and not when you go out

  4. Grizzlei ·

    The coat doesn’t look very flattering to either one of them, even more so on Band Manager (high five if you got that ref!) Burn it along with Sooyoung’s hideous “hairy arms” sweater from a couple weeks ago.

  5. pinkclover ·

    I actually really like the coat and have asked for it for Christmas (it was 40% on the store’s website this weekend). That being said, I do have slightly unusual taste and absolutely blindly adore Fany, so I am bit biased. I do think she pulls it off though, just minus the bag as it really clashes (colour wise) with the coat (more subdued colours). I think it also looks better done up and not open. And by the way, the belt is built/sown in, Fany didn’t add it.