Jessica: Fabric Pigtail Hairbraids
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You might need :

1. Hot Tools Professional Spring Curling Iron.

This Curling Iron will be easy to use by beginners who are not familiar with curling irons. This curling iron also have a reasonable amount of heat that is able to create good curls. Try buying it here : Hot Tools Professional Spring Curling Iron

2. Rattail Comb

I always recommend hairstyling using a rattail comb because it helps remove any tangles or knots fast. It also help keep your hairs in place and give precise application to any kind of hairstyle you want to make. Try buying it here : Black Diamond Rattail Comb

3. Elnette Satin Hairspray Strong Hold

This hairspray will not damage your hair. This hairspray also have a special formula that will not make your hair stiff, but will give off a velvety touch. Try buying it here : Elnett Satin Hairspray Strong Hold

3. Piece of Thin Fabric

Any kind of fabric of your choice will do. You must take that fabric piece according to the length of your hair. For short hair, 10 – 15 cm will be enough, while for long hair, 20-30 cm will do.


Fabric Pigtails Tutorial :

1. Use the rattail comb to remove any tangles or knots you may have within your hair.
2. Take a strand of your hair, and tie the top of your hairstrand using a clear hairband.
3. Take a strand of thin fabric, and tie it at the top of your hairstrand too, covering the clear hairband. Then, let the two loose ends of the fabric be free, along with the rest of your hair.
3. Use the two loose ends of the fabric to make a pigtail. You should stop making the pigtail when your fabric is used up already.
4. Tie the end of your pigtail with a clear hairband, and you’re done!

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