Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun’s Looks at Fashion Shows
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Girls’ Generation, which has been getting lots of love from male fans, took off their stage outfits and gained attention for their feminine styles shown at fashion shows.

Along with their lovely faces and slim legs, Girls’ Generation has gained popularity through their stylish fashion. Not only do they have male fans, but members Yoona, Sooyoung, and Seohyun have become the icons amongst women in their twenties as their “wannabe styles”.

Are there even any men that don’t like their feminine looks that evokes loveliness? Let’s look into Girls’ Generation’s “know-hows” for capturing people’s attention both on and off stage.

Elegant Like Yoona

At a recent fashion event, Yoona showed an elegant look with a one-piece, capturing the eyes of many. Her black one-piece looked like it was a two-piece with the added khaki-colored tube top. With the added colored top, it made what could have been a boring, black dress a feminine look that suits the fall season.

Recently, various two-piece-like one-piece dresses have been released. White or black monotone skirts, that give a clean-cut feel, matched with beige or khaki-colored tops are perfect for creating an elegant style like Yoona’s.

Chic Like Sooyoung

Sooyoung wore a pastel-toned khaki one piece, which looked as if she was wearing a vest upon first glance. If a dark khaki color expresses a vintage mood, a pastel color gives off a more chic and softer image.

How about showing off a trendy style with pastel-toned khaki fashion items like her this fall? When picking out a new trench coat or vest, which are popular fall items every year, pick pastel khaki-colored ones. If layered with regular monotone fashions, it will give a more chic, polished feel.

As Girls’ Generation’s youngest member, Seohyun usually wears lovely, romantic looks compared to others in the group. If you pay close attention to Seohyun’s fashion, you could say that all the romantic details, frills, ribbons, lace, and polka dots, are present.

The main thing about wearing Seohyun’s romantic-detailed fashion is to go completely simple in black and white to express the feminine look.

A member of women’s shopping mall, Cherry Koko, stated, “To show off the same feminine look as Girls’ Generation, it’s important to find each of their styling points. If you want to show an elegant feminine look, you have to choose items that are simple in both color and design. Pastel-toned khaki outers are good for a chic look to go along with the fall season. Also, to express a romantic mood, it is best to use lovely details and patterns to ones advantage.”

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