SNSD: Hair Colors (Most Recent)
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Ever wonder what type of color is the girls’ hair now? Want to dye your hair as same as theirs?? Here is the most recent update on their hair colors!

You could buy some from here US$7.49

As requested by Benjamin

Note: Update based on guesses. Not guaranteed 100% exact match.
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  1. M cream ·

    @ Lilly This post is based on recommendations from our stylists not their actual brand and color of dye ^_^

    I’ve been contemplating dying my hair as Sooyoung’s hair color for a while now, this helps a lot, thanks abie!

  2. abipluse abipluse ·

    The only way I could know the exact color and brand is to become their hairstylist, which would be a dream LOL

    No worries :D Thanks for fixing up my post too :)
    Take a pic and upload when you’ve dyed your hair.. I wanna see haha

  3. cindy ·

    what about seohyun’s hair color?…
    is it the same color as what hyoyeon, yuri and yoone has?…it looks like it is…

  4. abipluse abipluse ·


    yup! Seo’s hair color is pretty much the same with Yoona, Yuri, and Hyo..
    that’s why I don’t make separate image :)

  5. Elizabeth ·

    this is so strange because today i went to the hairdressers and asked for the same colour as sicas hair. its kinda looking more like sooyoung though :(

  6. abipluse abipluse ·

    aww that’s sad..
    Sica’s hair color is different from Fany’s and Syoo’s
    more brighter..

    no worries :)

  7. sagill888 ·

    Hmm… Do they actually bleach their hair or pre-lighten to gain the colour on the box?
    I mean, when I try to dye it like Yoona’s red colour before, my hair was still black.
    The colour isn’t that obvious :/

  8. abipluse abipluse ·

    This update based on GUESSES..
    I don’t guarantee it is the same color as theirs..
    I’m just matching it as close as possible..

  9. sagill888 ·

    @ abipluse
    Yes… I understand these are not accurate and are just guesses. But normally do they have to bleach it before to get that bright colour. I mean stripping their black colour in their hair before dyeing.

  10. abipluse abipluse ·

    that’s I’m not sure, since I’m not their hairstylist LOL
    or a hair expert..
    but it could be though..

  11. KitaHoshi ·

    @ sagill888 bleaching hair is bad for you. But most likely this is what they did to their hair, there is no other way to get that hair colour that bright. Most people who do it themselves, screw themselves over and the result is usually hair falling out. You have to very careful, i would go to a professional to get it done instead.

  12. sagill888 ·

    Does anyone know what colour specifically is Yuri;s hair right now at Mr. Taxi’s MV or Tory Burch event. Her hair colour is so nice there!

  13. Krystina ·

    I showed my stylist a picture of Sica’s hair color at her runway debut. I loved the results! I received so many compliments on it, so it’s definitely a keeper. :)

  14. SuperSunSHiner ·

    I currently Have sooyoung’s color. It wasn’t intended though. If you guys have ever watched yuchiri ep 29 [no copy right intended ] i want sunny’s hair color plus style. I’ve always wanted that style. I doubt my mom will let me though, well the dying my whole head brown. She only lets me dye the whole top.

  15. Ilikepie ·

    Hey, do you guys know what color Taeyeon’s hair now is? It’s a type of blonde.. it looks caramel. I really need to dye my hair like that. Thanks~