SNSD: Kaal E.Suktae
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Kaal E.Suktae: Spring 2010 RTW Collection

As seen at the: 2010 Melon Music Awards

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  1. Xeraphin ·

    Oh absolutely GORGEOUS.
    I’m loving the dress Hyo and Yuri are wearing. The lines on the outside of Yul’s dress makes it look like her waist is TINY. They all look so chic. *-*

  2. Adryanna ·

    I like that the white parts on the side of Yuls dress make her waist look real tiny, I wonder how it would look on someone with a not so small waist already.

    IMO, Sooyoung should’ve either lost the pants or the lime green shirt. I love all of that but just not together.

    Anyways, they looked awesome that night! Thanks for the find! Kaal E. Suktae and Asian brand/designer or something?

  3. FanyFangirl ·

    I envy Yuri hihi but all the outfits are really good, I like Sooyoungs outfit with the teared pants those white ones I think its really cool also a outfit I want