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Blackberry: Bold 9700 in Onyx White @ BlackBerry

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  1. Taengoo ·

    Hm, I’m pretty sure this is the Blackberry Bold 9000 and not the Curve. You can tell by the keyboard and the metallic border ^^

  2. mish ·

    yeah, cause it doesnt have the trackball and it has to work in korea it is the Bold 9700 in White.

    The curve doesnt support 3G (hence not korea) and the bold 9000 has a trackball.

  3. Taengoo ·

    well i still think it’s the bold 9000 because the top of the phone doesn’t curve like the 9700. and her finger is blocking the trackpad.. so we can’t tell if it’s a trackpad or a trackball. furthermore she was in NY at the time, not korea. but i don’t know much about blackberries so i’ll rest my case haha.

  4. YoonEun ·

    All above are wrong…..

    My friend who works in RIM saw this pic and tell me,

    This is a BlackBerry Bold 9650,

    or we can say it the CDMA version Bold 9700

    (Some details have differents)