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Jessica: Coming Step
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Coming Step: New York cut removable hood rain jumper @ Lotteimall.com
New York cut colour combination pattern top @ Lotteimall.com
Waist-banding White Shorts @ Lotte.gmarket.co.kr ~$103

Coming Step: Velcro ankle sandals bambi pattern @ Lotte.gmarket.co.kr ~$195
Vivid Floral One-piece @ Lotteimall.com

Coming Step: Desert Printed T-Shirt @ Lotte.gmarket.co.kr ~$90
Sporty Mesh Top
Pink pants @ Hyundaihmall.com
Velcro ankle sandals bambi pattern @ Lotte.gmarket.co.kr ~$195

Coming Step: Spring 2012 Collection
Sleeveless blouse @ Lotteimall.com

Coming Step: Classic open jacket @ Fashionplus.co.kr ~$270

Coming Step: See Through One Piece @ Lotteimall.com

As seen in: Elle Girl Korea Magazine – May 2012 Issue

Jessica: Coming Step
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Coming Step: New York Cut One Piece Long Vest @ Lotteimall.com
New York City Skirt @ Lotte.gmarket.co.kr ~$150
City Girl Bag @ Lotte.gmarket.co.kr ~$249

Coming Step: Star Print Collared Shirt @ Lotte.gmarket.co.kr ~$120
Geometric pattern slim pants @ Lotte.gmarket.co.kr ~$180

Coming Step: Wind Breaker Jacket @ Lotte.gmarket.co.kr ~$271
Petite Mini Scarf @ Lotte.gmarket.co.kr ~$112
Simple unbalanced sleeveless blouse @ Fashionplus.co.kr
New York cut green cotton spandex pants @ Lotteimall.com
Velcro ankle sandals bambi pattern @ Lotte.gmarket.co.kr ~$195

Coming Step: Sequin Collar Blouse @ Lotte.gmarket.co.kr ~$150

Coming Step: Basic Double Jacket @ Lotte.gmarket.co.kr ~$226

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Coming Step: New York cut sporty pants @ Lotteimall.com
Enameled sandal @ Brandon.gmarket.co.kr
Modern clutch bag @ Brandon.gmarket.co.kr

Coming Step: Geometric print Sleeveless Long Dress @ Fashionplus.co.kr
Short Trench Riders Jacket @ Itempage3.auction.co.kr

Sooyoung: Bottega Veneta, Christian Dior, Gucci, Kaal E. Suktae, Ji Choi, Jardin de Choutte, Lie Sang Bong, DKNY, Alexander Wang, Coming Step, J.ESTINA
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Bottega Veneta: Spring 2012 RTW Collection
Christian Dior: Colorblock Ankle-wrap Sandals @ Bergdorfgoodman.com $1,100

Gucci: Back Drape Dress @ Gucci.com $4,200


Kaal E. Suktae: Spring 2012 Collection
Ji Choi: Spring 2012 Collection

Jardin de Choutte: Spring 2012 Collection

Lie Sang Bong: Spring 2012 Collection
Christian Dior: Colorblock Ankle-wrap Sandals @ Bergdorfgoodman.com $1,100

DKNY: Oversize Silk Dress @ Farfetch.com $405
Alexander Wang: Collared Vest Top @ Farfetch.com $351

Coming Step: Two-tone Collar Blouse @ Lotteimall.com ~$142
J.ESTINA: Fame Clutch Bag @ Jestina.co.kr ~$324

As seen in: InStyle Magazine, April 2012 Issue

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Jessica: Coming Step
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Coming Step: Simple line point button jacket @ Lotte.gmarket.co.kr ~$222

Coming Step: Detachable sheepskin hood jacket @ Lotte.gmarket.co.kr ~$717
Ahgisae print t-shirt @ Lotte.gmarket.co.kr ~$87

Coming Step: Star mini skirt @ Lotte.gmarket.co.kr ~$127

Coming Step: Burberry Coat @ Lotte.gmarket.co.kr ~$239

Coming Step: Letterman Jacket @ Lotte.gmarket.co.kr ~$239

Coming Step: Casual Khaki Top @ Lotte.gmarket.co.kr ~$175
Simple Floral Pattern Shorts @ Lotte.gmarket.co.kr ~$191

Coming Step: Spring 2012 RTW Collection

As seen in: Dazed Korea Magazine – March 2012 Issue