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Jessica: Alessandra Rich
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Alessandra Rich: Bow-Accented Peplum Wool Jacket @ $1,515

As seen at: Alessandra Rich Show at Paris Fashion Week, 02/28/20

Jessica: Magda Butrym, Off-White, Hermès, Gucci,
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Magda Butrym: Amsterdam Silk-Satin Trimmed Crystal-Embellished Velvet Blazer @ $1,150 

Off-White: Puzzle Arrows Sweatshirt @ off— $555 

Hermès: Mini Kelly Bag

Gucci: Isle Crystal-Embellished Suede Heels @ $1,250 

   Note: Jessica’s Off-White top is a different version 

As seen at: Off-White Show at Paris Fashion Week, 02/27/20

Jessica: Dior, Schutz, and Stella McCarntney
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Dior: Mini Book Tote Bag @ $1950 (Sold out)

Schutz: Cicera Boots @ $275

Stella McCartney: Stretch-denim Dress @ €865

Note: Her bag has been customised

Jessica: Moschino, Carolina Herrera, Fusalp, and more
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Boutique Moschino: Textured Tweed Jacket @ $1,250 $625 


Carolina Herrera:

Embroidered Long Sleeve Shirt Gown @ $8,990 

Initials Insignia Shoulder Bag @ £840 


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Hestra: Alpine Leather Primaloft Gloves @ €100 

Fusalp: Tipi II Fuseau Pants @ €250 

Dress I.D. Credit: nbd.820@Instagram

Gloves & Pants I.D. Credit: stylebykrystal@Instagram