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Sooyoung: MLB, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, Andersson Bell, and more
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Golden Goose Deluxe Brand:

Cereda Sweatshirt $306

Suede Superstar Sneakers $495

MLB: Distressed Detroit Ball Cap @ ₩36,000

Andersson Bell: Contrast Embroidery Sweatshirt @ ¥8,800

Lucky Chouette: Jumping Chouette Blouse ₩268,000

CATTLINE: Ribbon Dress @ ₩120,000

Beyond Closet: Nomantic Logo Raglan T-shirt ₩39,000

Beanpole: Clever Satchel Bag ₩478,000

As seen on: ‘So I Married The Anti-Fan’ – Episode 2

Sooyoung: Lucky Chouette, Jimmy Choo, SJYP, and more
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Lucky Chouette: Star Chouette Sweatshirt ₩158,000

Jimmy Choo: Lockett Bag with Faux Pearls $1,495

SJYP: Knit Regular Fit Jacquard Cardigan @ ₩239,000

Milton Stelle: Rose Gold Hoop Earrings @ ₩67,000

Viabon de Via: Rainbow Logo T-shirt @ ₩39,000

Note: Hoodie is from Bubulee

Issue Number: Stamp T-shirt @ ₩43,000

As seen on: So I Married an Anti-Fan – Episode 1

SNSD: Dew E Dew E, YCH, Roger Vivier, and more
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Dew E Dew E: Princess Blouse @ ₩128,000

YCH: High Waist Mesh Skirt (Price upon application)

Roger Vivier: Broche Vivier Buckle Pumps @ $1,875

Thiers: Costume Pearl Earrings @ ₩22,000

Kemao: Medieval Costume Gown @ £102

As seen on: TVN ‘Amazing Saturday’ – Episode 158 

DEW E DEW E Credit: fashion_moabom@instagram

YCH Credit: