Review: Sony Cyber-shot® Digital Camera TX9
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Review on Sony Cyber-shot® Digital Camera TX9 as seen with Seohyun.

This is my first camera that I afforded with my own money, so I’m kind of happy with it. Personally, when talking about digital cameras, I like Sony better than others. Especially because Sony released camera like TX9 that is featured with more secure lenses, touch screen display, and various colors to choose.

Strengths: First, its HD movie format brings up a very smooth and strong-in-details movie. Since I usually use this camera wherever I hang around with people, I like to switch from one shot mode to another. TX9 provides 13 shot modes, like beach, snow, twilight, etc. That increases quality of the images and of course it’s satisfying to see beautiful pictures of mine. I want to tell you that I always love the touch screen display which is easy-to-use. There are lots of features in this camera that make me happy to use it and until this time I don’t regret it.

Weaknesses: Battery power is a common problem for a digital camera. When it’s full-loaded, it can be used for a long time. But when the battery starts to dry (e.g. lost one battery stalk), it’s kind of quick to drown. Similar with other Sony’s digital cameras, the image result is brightened. That’s not a big deal if you don’t expect your images to look natural but seriously this is how Sony’s differentiated with other brands.

Rating: 4/5

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