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Seohyun: Vanessa Bruno Athe, Keds, Marc by Marc Jacobs and more
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Thursday Island: Flower Print Chiffon Dress @ El Lotte ₩111,300
TNGTW: Sky Blue Angora Knit Sweater @ LG Fashion Shop ₩119,000
Animas Code: Olive Noir Rimini Wedges @ Salter ₩255,000


Pearly Gates: Striped Long Sleeve Top @ Lotte ₩89,600

Seohyun_PL_Ep4 (3)

Athe Vanessa Bruno: Beige Twist Knit Sweater @ Lgfashionshop.com $375
Keds: Champion Canvas Lace-Up Oxford Shoes@ Keds.com $40

Seohyun_PL_Ep4 Marc by MJ

Marc by Marc Jacobs: Color Block Sheltered Island Shoulder Bag @ Liberty.co.uk £350


Moschino Cheap & Chic: Bon-Ton Blouse @ Moschino.com $495


LeShop: Basic Cardigan @ El Lotte ₩109,000

8ight Seconds: Peplum Lace Blouse @ 8Seconds ₩49,900

Tory Burch: Clara Satchel @ Tory Burch $495

As seen in: SBS Passionate Love – Episode 4

SNSD: Moschino Cheap And Chic, The Tilbury, G-Cut, and more
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Moschino Cheap And Chic: Pre-Fall / Winter 2012-2013 Collection


The Tilbury: Style No. TTCK000621 @ lotte.com ₩239,200


G-Cut: Style No. 192421607-BS @ ellotte.com ₩219,000


NICE CLAUP: Style No. N124MSG211 @ lotte.com ₩553,010


Plastic Island: Style No. PC4WJ101 @ mall.shinsegae.com ₩259,000


SOUP: Style No. SO4HC09 @ lotte.com ₩357,380


Clizy: Sheepskin Coat


Michaa: White Coat

As seen at: Girls’ Generation “V Concert”

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Sooyoung: Hit or Miss
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The last Hit or Miss of 2012 questions Sooyoung’s choice of outfit once again. This month she was seen wearing a Sequin Lip Blouse and Knee Length Skirt, both by Moschino Cheap and Chic, on SBS Midnight TV Entertainment.

The skirt doesn’t seem to be the problem; it’s cute, simple and an appropriate length for Sooyoung to sit without feeling exposed. The color and organza fabric add a girly flair to her outfit. However, the problem arises with the blouse, which is awkwardly printed with faces and colored lips.

Since Sooyoung is wearing the blouse tucked in, only one lip is visible, making the print even more odd. Another issue with the top is the rainbow hued sequins. Not only do the colors of the sequins make the blouse look cheap, but they also make the sequins resemble the scales of a fish. Surely, many people will agree that it is mainly the sequins that cause problems with Sooyoung’s outfit.

Sooyoung is our victim for the last Hit or Miss poll of this year, so do you want to be merciful or let her know what you really think?

Hit or Miss?

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SNSD: Galliano, Joyrich x Giza, Moschino Cheap & Chic, Jinny Kim
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Galliano: All Over Sequined Dress @ Us.gallianostore.com
Joyrich x Giza:  Multi Geometric Jersey Skirt @ Dollskill.com $68

Galliano: All Over Sequined Dress @ Us.gallianostore.com

Moschino Cheap & Chic: Short Floral Dress @ Moschinoboutique.com $915

Moschino Cheap & Chic: Flower application dress @ Moschinoboutique.com $1295
Textured Leather Outwear @ Moschinoboutique.com $595

Mzuu: Ophelia Necklace @ mzuu.co.kr ₩108,000

Mzuu: Mini Super Star Ring @ mzuu.co.kr ₩35,000

Mzuu: Soap Bubble Ring @ mzuu.co.kr ₩15,000

Mzuu: Glorious Day Earrings @ mzuu.co.kr ₩55,000

Jinny Kim: Debutante Ball Heels @ Lotte.com

As seen in: TaeTiSeo Twinkle Teaser/MV