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The Price of Fame: Chanel
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As is the case with luxury and status symbols, nothing of the sort typically comes cheap, and when it comes to Chanel, “cheap” still costs upwards of $500 or so dollars. Needless to say, you need an idol-level salary to be able to readily afford these, and thankfully, Girls’ Generation just happen to be in the position to do so.

Being the upscale fashion house it is, Chanel produces ready-to-wear clothing and accessories, as well as it’s considerably pricier and famous haute couture (“high fashion”) items, which are custom made to suit the needs and measurements of the client, offering the ultimate degree of customization, and when asked, allows the wearer to inform the curious individual that “Yes sir, it’s one of a kind”, doubly so if the individual asking is G-Dragon. Just kidding.

As it stands, the members of Girls’ Generation are typically spotted with the ready-to-wear portion of the designer label, consisting typically of their handbags, wallets, purses and shoes. Though these are in the lower-tier of the product, they still command a pretty penny – the salmon pink clutch wallet pictured below retails for roughly about $950. Oh, to be rich.

Moreover, the girl’s strongly prefer the handbags, as along with the shoes are the most commonly seen of the items. No surprise there, Chanel handbags, alongside the sunglasses and cosmetics, are the widely regarded as the most visible and prominent of the label’s items. While some other luxury makers emblazon their design to almost comical extents on some items (MK all over Michael Kors hand bags), most Chanel bags stick to the tried and true method of the double CC on one or two locations, not too gaudy but not too understated that the brand is unable to be recognized.

In the photo below, Sunny’s bag from the 2013 showcases the characteristics detailed above.

Though at roughly $5,000 a bag, the eye-catching design is nothing to be surprised about. After all, brands survive by revolutionizing or reinventing fashionable statements like bags or glasses. Chanel’s made trailblazing strides in both, and it’s no surprise the members of Girls’ Generation have gravitated towards them and sought to showcase them without even being sponsored models. While the price is high for some, Girls’ Generation is not just “some” group, and money is not an issue for them. With some saving and budgeting(not applicable if you’re either wealthy, if so, you probably just bought the 2 products I pictured above or already owned them), you too can turn an airport into a runway just like Jessica. Only, you know. Without the paparazzi.

Girls’ Generation: Classy and Fabulous
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The increase in purchase of Chanel merchandise at the end of last year to this year:

Girls’ Generation have been seen with more Chanel sightings in both airport outfits and other occasions. Let us now see their beautiful relationship.

The Concept

Coco Chanel’s fashion belief is to promote women’s independence and beauty, during her times as a young seamstress, Chanel’s idea of women beauty already differed from her supervisor. Her own set of thoughts and beliefs embeds her pursue of women’s unique beauty, so as to further let the beauty shine through by wearing Chanel’s products.

After Coco died in 1971, there came the post-Coco Era. Starting from 1983, Karl Lagerfeld came to lead the luxurious French brand. He consolidated classic Chanel elements such as tweed fabrics, chains, pearls and last but not least, the double C logo into modern and youthful designs, such as experimenting textures and designs and rifting from feminine designs. He elevated the brand into a contemporary level yet remaining classic.


Coincidentally, Girls’ Generation went through a similar transformation debuted as a teenage girl group with a typical pure, schoolgirl concept with cute songs such as ‘Kissing You’ and their all-time hit ‘Gee’. But after ‘Gee’, Girls’ Generation tore the cute concept apart and came back in shorts and stilettos with Genie. Up till now, their latest comeback ‘I Got A Boy’ featured hip hop attire and wedge sneakers. From pure girl to mature lady, and then becoming a hipster, the girls can be fit in any concept you can think of (i.e. Taxi driver, cheerleader, flight attendant, marines etc. etc.)


Our femme fatale, Jessica, has been spotted with most Chanel products recently (and our all time record too…) Jessica definitely fits the concept of Chanel, promoting the different sides of female beauty. She can digest a minimal makeup look with an innocent smile or a heavy smoky eye with sensual lips. The ever-changing looks of her awe viewers.

Both Chanel and Girls’ Generation had a specific image to promote and rose with popularity and impression. But then, keeping up with a certain concept is too mundane and revolutionized into a whole new being that can fit a variety of concepts.

The Versatility


The most popular Chanel item among the girls lately must be the Chanel Boy Bag and the Classic Flap Bag. Previously mentioned in our polls, the Boy Bag could adapt to any kinds of outfit in any season and highlighting the wearers’ image immediately. The close-knitted checks, chains and the dusted-silver buckle emits a vintage rock aura.


Another favorite is the Classic Flap Bag. Ranging from airport outfits to wedding appearances, just like its name, the Classic Flap Bag is a statement itself. With its wide range of colors (pink, black, wine red) to purchase from, its different colors can suit various occasions. In fact, many fashion brands of the day use the Classic Flap Bag as inspiration and further developed their own bag designs, by this we can see the ‘status’ of it.

An honorable mention is the Chanel sneakers, a Soshi Stylist all time favorite. This bewitchment magically adds a touch of sporty chicness to the wearer, whether the attire is compose of a leather jacket with black pants or a pastel sweater with white skinny jeans. We can see the almighty magic of Chanel working its purpose for fashion!


Besides from versatile handbags, Chanel has been known for its flattering couture designs. Our girls modeled the Spring RTW 2013 Collection for High Cut and Vogue Korea in June. The collection features white ruffles and frills, the immense detail of the cocktail dresses do look elegant and exquisite on the runway and our girls in the photo shoots. Yet these dresses are only suitable for high end occasions and parties and might be a too overwhelming for lower level occasions.

Regardless of the versatility or price of Chanel products, each product is a brain child of the designer and contains numerous efforts, so as the music and performances by Girls’ Generation.

‘In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.’ —— Chanel

Let us both support Chanel and Girls’ Generation for more inspiring creations!

Girls’ Generation & Chanel: A Trip Down Memory Lane
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This month not only do we celebrate Girls’ Generation 6th anniversary as a group, we also celebrate their growing relationship with Chanel in these 5 exclusive articles!
From photo shoots and red-carpet appearances, to and airport sightings and more, we’d like to take the time to revisit one of our favorite fashion pairings this week! Take a trip down memory lane (but keep your credit card handy), as you journey through our interactive timeline below.

Next week we take a look into the aesthetic appeal of Chanel products and the increased sightings of Chanel merchandise over the past 3 years. Stay tuned!

SNSD: Chanel, PINK by Victoria’s Secret, IRO
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Chanel: CH5205 C888/3F Sunglasses
PINK by Victoria’s Secret: Perfect Zip Hoodie – Dark Grey @ victoriassecret.com $44.50


IRO: Doris Distressed Tank @ revolveclothing.com $117


IRO: Tyler Rouge Trim Tank @ revolveclothing.com $122

As seen at: ‘Asia Style Collection’ Rehearsal, 06/22/2013

Image credit: samuelrocks

SNSD: Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Samantha Thavasa, and more
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sunny Chanel

Chanel: Pre-Spring 2013 Collection

Yoona Marc Jacobs 2

Marc Jacobs: The Joe Leather Shoulder Bag @ Mytheresa.com $1,826


Samantha Thavasa: Azayle Magenta Bag @ samantha.locondo.jp ¥40,950

Thanks to Pani for the Samantha tip!

Tiffany Prada

Prada: Ribbon Lace-up Sneakers @ Saks.com $370


Chanel: Necklace Embellished with Pearls @ chanel.com

Thanks to Makenna for the Chanel tip!

Marja Kurki: Snake Print Passport Cover
S=Y2: Spring 2013 Dress

As seen at: Incheon Airport, 06/21/2013

Image credit: Waltz On

SNSD: Étoile Isabel Marant, Tommy Hilfiger, Disney, and more
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Étoile Isabel Marant: Seth Jumpsuit @ barneys.com $169
Céline: Tricolor Nano Luggage Tote


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Tommy Hilfiger: Chiara Polo Dress – Jazzy @ uk.tommy.com £85


Disney: “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Jack Skellington Fleece Blanket

Yoona Proenza New Balance Rolex

Proenza Schouler: PS1 Leather Tote – Military @ proenzaschouler.com $1,995 
New Balance: Pro-Court Casual Athletics Sneakers @ newbalance.com $44.99-$59.99
Rolex: Oyster Perpetual Watch @ rolex.com
*Yoona’s “New Balance” shoes are in a different color
Thanks to Sayu for the Rolex tip!


Adidas: Blue Vulc Star Blue High Top Sneakers @ us.asos.com $101.82


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Chanel: Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Limited Edition Tweed Sneakers
Chanel shoes image credit: Yoshiro Ono@ameblo.jp

Tiffany Lanvin

Lanvin: Grey Suede Low-top Trainers @ Farfetch.com $422.71

As seen at: Gimpo Airport, 06/19/2013

Image credits: ReviewStar, nakus32

Taeyeon: Chanel
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Stylo Eyeshadow – Cool Gold @ Chanel.com $34
Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick – Suspense @ Chanel.com $34


Inimitable Waterproof Mascara – Lime Light @ Chanel.com $30
Inimitable Waterproof Mascara – Blue Note @ Chanel.com $30


Levres Scintillantes – Rose Sauvage @ Chanel.com $29.50
Inimitable Mascara – Noir Black @ Chanel.com $30

As seen in: High Cut Vol. 103 Magazine

Image credit: Blueberry Macaron