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SNSD: Karl Lagerfeld, Adidas Originals, rolarola, and more
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Karl Lagerfeld:

Satin Bomber Jacket @ karl.com $395

K/ Photo Super Mini Backpack @ karl.com $365

Karl Selfie iPhone 7 Case @ karl.com $35

Adidas Originals: Gazelle Shoes @ adidas.co.uk £74.95



Whistle To You Tshirt @ rolarola.com ₩43,000

Fun Wrap Pleats Skirt @ rolarola.com ₩69,000


Alexander Wang: Crewneck Crop Top with Strict Patch @ alexanderwang.com $273

   Note: Taeyeon’s top is in a different colour

Givenchy: Duetto Leather Crossbody Bag @ matchesfashion.com £539


Alexander Wang:

Checkerboard Burnout Pullover with Intarsia Strict Graphic @ alexanderwang.com $676

Attica Dry Sack in Black @ alexanderwang.com $585

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand: Superstar Low Top Velvet Trainers @ matchesfashion.com £262


VOV: Striped Pocket Skirt @ fashion.sivillage.com ₩191,200

Rekken: ‘Hilda’ Mules @ wconcept.co.kr ₩278,000

Joy Gryson: ‘Jada’ Shoulder Bag @ joygryson.co.kr ₩328,000

As seen at: Gimpo Airport, 07/17/17

Sooyoung: BAPE, Vans, Lanvin, and more
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BAPE: 1st Camo College Sleeveless Tee @ bape.com ¥9,000

   Note: Sooyoung’s top is a different model 

Vans: Authentic Lo Pro Shoes @ vans.com $50



Wide Sleeve Shirt @ farfetch.com $1,555 $855

Asymmetric Skirt @ farfetch.com $4,185 $1,046



Starting Line Sukajan Jacket @ perksandmini.com $340.65 $237.84

Warm Up Satin Shorts @ perksandmini.com $185.67 $111.25


KYE: Fall / Winter 2016 Collection @ kyefashion.com (Price upon application)

   Note: Sooyoung’s shorts are in a different colour

Adidas Originals:

3-Stripe Ringer Tee @ urbanoutfitters.com $30

Superstar 80s Shoes @ adidas.co.uk £94.95

As seen on: “MAPS” Magazine, August 2016 Issue

Images Credit: 崔秀英吧@weibo

Seohyun: Repetto, Faye Woo, Melt, and more
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Repetto: Rehearsal Tulle Skirt @ repetto.com £97


Faye Woo: ‘Heidi’ One Piece @ fayewoo.kr ₩298,000


Melt: ‘South’ Sleep Shorts @ 29cm.co.kr ₩53,000


Adidas Originals: Superstar Shoes @ adidas.co.uk £70

As seen on: Cosmopolitan Magazine, January 2016 Issue

Images Credit: seojuhyun.net

Jessica: Adidas Originals
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Adidas Originals:

Trefoil Tee @ adidas.com $28

Snap Track Jacket @ adidas.com $75


Adidas Originals:

Trefoil Sweatshirt @ adidas.com $65

Snap-Back Cap @ adidas.com £25


Adidas Originals:

Trefoil Sweatshirt @ adidas.com $65

Linear Leggings @ adidas.com $40

ZX Flux Shoes @ adidas.com $90


Adidas Originals:

Training Boxy Tee @ adidas.co.uk £35

Wide Track Pants @ adidas.com $60

Firebird Track Jacket @ adidas.com $70

Superstar Shoes @ adidas.com £70

As seen on: ‘east touch’ Magazine Issue 1075, January 2016

Images Credit: COLE_FOE@weibo

REVIEW: Adidas Originals Superstar Sneakers
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Review on Adidas’s Superstar shoes as seen on Hyoyeon and Sooyoung.

You’ve seen it on Tumblr. You’ve seen it on Instagram. You’ve seen it on Hyoyeon and Sooyoung. Maybe you’ll see it in your shoe cabinet? What am I talking about, you ask? I’m talking about the ever so popular Adidas Superstar shoes!

The Superstar is a sneaker created by giant sportswear company Adidas and is one of their most well recognised sneaker due to the prominent three stripes that signify the corporation, making it one of their most classic footwear. Despite being created in 1987, it is safe to say that the shoes only gained widespread popularity at the beginning of this year, particularly among teenagers and those who are fashion conscious. With this new found fame, it is without a doubt that these shoes have shown up literally everywhere – most particularly on social media platforms where teenagers most frequent; such as Tumblr and Instagram. Is the shoe actually worth the money? What contributes to it’s high profile greatness? Let’s take a look.

The sneaker is very minimalistic. The only distinct feature it has are the three stripes at each sides of the shoe. It is primarily white, and the stripes differ in colour depending on what colour you choose to get. Due to its minimalistic look, the shoe matches with almost everything. One can wear the shoes with pretty much any type of outfit, and one would still look put-together. The style of the shoe is rather unique. Some sneakers have the tendency to be quite flat at the top, making the overall shape of the feet and shoe rather awkward. However, these particular pair of sneakers have the right amount of bulkiness, encompassing the feet in a subtle and flattering manner. Although I mention bulkiness, the shoe isn’t actually all that bulky and is quite portable – it is just like any other sneaker. Moreover,  the shoe sits right below the ankle, allowing for an even more flattering look to any outfit. Another great element to the shoe is that it’s unisex! It is not limited to a specific gender and anyone can rock it – showcasing once again just how versatile this pair of sneakers are!

A large factor that results into its stardom is the comfiness. This is without a doubt one of the most comfortable pair of sneakers I own. The shoe is snug and there is sufficient cushioning. Occasionally, I wear these shoes to go sprinting. The cushioning is enough for the soles of my feet not to hurt, in stark contrast to the Onitsuka Tiger Sneakers, which hurts the sole of my feet when I perform any type of sports. Although I do not know how the Superstar fares when running for long periods of time, but for sprinting, the cushioning is definitely thick enough. Furthermore, the shoe does not need any breaking in and I have never encountered any blisters while wearing the Superstar.

I have worn these shoes countless of times now, and I have encountered two problems, albeit not very major. The first problem I encountered is how quickly it becomes dirty. Since the shoes are primarily white, it will inevitably become dirty easily and quickly. The Superstar I have is the exact same as Hyoyeon’s and I have coffee stains on it among other blemishes. I have not attempted to clean the shoes yet so I cannot comment on how uncomplicated or strenuous the process is. However, this is not a major problem since in my opinion, the dirtier the white shoe is, the more unique it becomes. The second problem I encountered has to do with the bottom lining of the shoe. After a few wears, the lining of the shoe started to rub off. As I am typing this, the lining of my shoe has rubbed off to the point where it became a nuisance, and so I removed the entire lining on both sides. This isn’t a vital issue, but since the shoe is manufactured by such a well renowned company, I expected the quality to be better.

I find these pairs of sneakers to be on the reasonable side in terms of price. The shoes retail for $80, a price significantly cheaper than sneakers made by competitor brand Nike. In my opinion, the price tag of the sneakers can be justified with all of it’s merits as detailed above. All in all, I believe these shoes are worth opening your pockets for.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

You can browse through the different variations of the shoe and purchase the ones you like here