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Outfit of the Week
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This weeks style showdown was down to a duel between Yuri and Tiffany, both members paired up their modish and dark colored coats with mondo sunglasses. In the end, Yuri was deemed the winner of this week.

Unlike Jessica, the winner of last week’s OTW, our black pearl has always favored dark colors which exaggerates her curvy lines and hides her chubby parts. For instance, her airport outfit which featured a Burberry trench coat and knee-lengthed boots elongated her legs and adds a feminine touch to it.

Yuri was being really consistent with her black looks at the airport, this time she took up the challenge to wear a shimmer-sprinkled coat with leather sleeves and a grey t-shirt under.Yuri’s full figure compliments this coat which cooks it up into a elegant and exquisite piece instead of turning it into a cheap and boring one.

All in all, she kicked off in a pair of black jeggings and some leather boots with gold details on it. Last but not least, she tipped her Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses on and carried her Balenciaga bag. The whole ensemble reminds us of Anna Choi, the character portrayed by Yuri in Fashion King, going on a business trip.

Hope Yuri can continue to keep up her ‘black magic’ and not to end up with an eerie outfit (signal towards the airport outfit last week). Congratulations Yuri!

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Tiffany: Fendi
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Fendi: 2Jours Vitello Elite Medium Tote – Turq @ $2,260

As seen at: Gimpo Airport, 02/22/2013

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Tiffany: Jill By Jill Stuart
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Jill By Jill Stuart: Baseball Jacket @ 358,200 won

As seen at: Gimpo Airport, 02/18/2013

Jessica: ACNE
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Acne: Shearling Red Coat @ $2,300

As seen at: Gimpo Airport, 02/15/2013

Outfit of the Week
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For this Outfit of the Week, the choice wasn’t too hard with several of the members staying in Japan, leaving it to be a battle between Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Yuri and Seohyun.

On her way back to Japan from Gimpo though, Jessica waltzed through the airport with an incredible red/beige coat that not only kept her warm, but oozed style and class, and complimented Yuri’s dark overcoat. The rest of her outfit continued the beige and muted tone, with an olive-vest layered over a white shirt, and continued down to some skinny beige pants, ending with a pair of Klein Natural Faux SnakeSkin Lace Up Brogues.

For accessories, an Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle graced her lithe arms. Of course, this is Jessica at the airport, and no outfit would be complete without her sunglasses, this particular pair being Linda Farrow Luxe contrasting her newly lightened hair.

Congrats to Jessica!

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