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Seohyun: Low Classic, R.SHEMISTE, Monday Edition, and more
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R.SHEMISTE: Fall 2016 Collection @ (Price upon application)

Low Classic: Smocking Turtleneck Top @ $470

   Note: Seohyun’s top is in a different colour

MONDAY EDITION: Pipe and Pearl Earring @ ₩36,400


Low Classic: Navy Cutting Knit Top @ $590

MONDAY EDITION: Ball & Stick Choker @ ₩95,000

YUUL YIE: Y Heel Eyelet Double Strap Pumps @ ₩378,000


BEAKER x HAPPENING: Slip Wrap Dress @ ₩268,000


CLUT STUDIO: Tartan Check White Dress @ ₩89,000 (Sold out)

ATAR: ‘Neverland’ Jacket @ ₩156,000 ₩99,000

YUUL YIE: Eyelet Mary Jane Strapped Loafer @ ₩348,000

As seen on: ‘Grazia’ September 2016 Issue – ‘Who Are You?’

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Sooyoung: ANACAPRI di nuovo, C.A.S.H x Mohan, Jinny Kim
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ANACAPRI di nuovo: Off Shoulder Blouse @ ₩259,000

C.A.S.H x Mohan: Slim Flared Pants @ ₩99,000

Jinny Kim: Joseph Heels @ ₩278,000

As seen at: ‘Perfect Sense’ Press Conference, 04/18/16

Tiffany: Versus Versace, Cesare Paciotti, Dior
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VERSUS Versace: Safety Pin Detail Dress @ £416

Cesare Paciotti: Starlet Heels @ (Price upon application)

Dior: ‘Dior Technologic’ Sunglasses @ £350 

As seen at: ‘Cesare Paciotti’ Flagship Store Launch, 03/22/16

Tiffany: Miu Miu
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Miu Miu:

Intarsia Wool Cardigan @ £444 

Ruffled Lace and Tulle-Paneled Cotton-Poplin Shirt @ £419

Tulle Dress @ €1,255

Matelassé Leather Shoulder Bag @ £1,551

Red Patent Leather Pumps @ €780

As seen at: ‘Miu Miu’ Show at 2016 Paris Fashion Week, 03/09/16

Tiffany: Dior
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Mini Lady Dior Bag @ £1,900

     Note: Tiffany’s bag is in a different colour

Pink Satin and Mesh Pump @ £780


Dior: ‘So Real’ Sunglasses @ £335

     Note: Tiffany’s sunglasses are in a different colour

As seen at: ‘Dior’ Fashion Show at Paris Fashion Week 2016, 03/04/16

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