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SNSD: Casio Baby-G
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Baby-G: BA-110-7A3 @ $120


Baby-G: BA-110-1A @ $120


Baby-G: BA-111-4A @ $120


Baby-G: BA-110-7A2 @ $120


Baby-G: BA-111-9A @ $120

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Baby-G: BA-110-7A1 @ $120


Baby-G: BA-112-4A @ $129.95


Baby-G: BA-112-2A @ $129.95


Baby-G: BA-110-8A @ $120

As seen in: ‘Real Baby-G’ Promotional Pictures

Sooyoung: Dolce Vita, Rosemont and more
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Dolce Vita: White Mesh Top @  €108

Rosemont: Gold Watch @ 499,390₩

Marc by Marc Jacobs: ‘Anarchy’ Sweater @ $267.59
MAG N MAG: Denim Skirt @ ₩69,000 

As seen on: tvN “Dating Agency: Cyrano” Episode 12

Paul & Alice: Striped Top @ 59,500₩

Tommy Hilfiger: Floral Jeans @ 139,444₩

Junya Watanabe: Mesh Inset Blouse

Stylus: Silver Earrings @ 118,300₩

As seen on: tvN “Dating Agency: Cyrano” Episode 13

Suecomma Bonnie: Ankle Boots @ 348,000₩


Isabel Marant: Spring 2013 Collection

As seen on: tvN “Dating Agency: Cyrano” Episode 14

SNSD: Baby-G X Joyrich, Lucky Chouette, Suecomma Bonnie, and more
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Baby-G X Joyrich: BG6900JR-4 @ $110
UGG Australia: Salima Platform Sandals – Black @ $81.90
*Taeyeon’s watch is personalized/embellished 


Lucky Chouette: Stripe Peplum Sleeveless Knit Top @ ₩248,000
United Nude: Grid Pump – Neon Pink @ $199.50


DEWL: Skirt (D132MSD047) @
Suecomma Bonnie
: Claire310 – Pink @ ₩298,000

As seen at: “Hair Couture” Fansign Event, 07/26/2013

Sooyoung: 8seconds. Double M and more
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Tommy Hilfiger Denim:

Navy Knit Cardigan @ 85,760₩

White Shirt @ 72,670₩

Floral Jeans @ 92,130₩

As seen on: tvN “Dating Agency: Cyrano” Episode 5

Spicy Color: Tweed Army Jacket

Étoile Isabel Marant: Layne Cotton-Gauze Shirt @ $183

As seen on: tvN “Dating Agency: Cyrano” Episode 6

Jerome: Side Body Satchel @

Cruciani: Four Leaf Clover Bracelet @

Isabel Marant: Pawson Jacket

Jerome: Grey Chain Bag @

St. Scott London: Snake Print Wrap Watch @ 178,000₩

Tommy Hilfiger Denim: Women’s Oxford Shirt @ ₩73,500

As seen on: tvN “Dating Agency: Cyrano” 7

No.21: Blue Sweatshirt @ €201

Rag & Bone: Striped Cotton Blend Shorts @ €168

StoneHenge: Ring @ ₩188,000

Coming Step: Lace Top @ 193,680₩

8seconds: Polka Dot Skirt @ 20,900₩

Double M: Yellow Tote @  548,000₩

As seen on: tvN “Dating Agency: Cyrano” Episode 8

SNSD: Étoile Isabel Marant, Tommy Hilfiger, Disney, and more
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Étoile Isabel Marant: Seth Jumpsuit @ $169
Céline: Tricolor Nano Luggage Tote


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Tommy Hilfiger: Chiara Polo Dress – Jazzy @ £85


Disney: “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Jack Skellington Fleece Blanket

Yoona Proenza New Balance Rolex

Proenza Schouler: PS1 Leather Tote – Military @ $1,995 
New Balance: Pro-Court Casual Athletics Sneakers @ $44.99-$59.99
Rolex: Oyster Perpetual Watch @
*Yoona’s “New Balance” shoes are in a different color
Thanks to Sayu for the Rolex tip!


Adidas: Blue Vulc Star Blue High Top Sneakers @ $101.82


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Chanel: Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Limited Edition Tweed Sneakers
Chanel shoes image credit: Yoshiro

Tiffany Lanvin

Lanvin: Grey Suede Low-top Trainers @ $422.71

As seen at: Gimpo Airport, 06/19/2013

Image credits: ReviewStar, nakus32

Sooyoung: LAP, St.Scott London, LAP and more
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Jen’s Pirate Booty: Lace Trim Jacket

Borbonese: Cream Satchel Bag @ 177,300 won

Sisley: Green Cotton Jacket @ 359,100 won

On&On: Studded Satchel Bag @ 198,000 won

St.Scott London: Wrapped Watch @ 176,000 won

St. Mario: Pink Oxford Shoes

As seen on: tvN “Dating Agency: Cyrano” Episode 1

LAP: Tiger Jacket 69,000 won

Wildfox: Reality Bites T-shirt @ €125

Thursday Island: Denim Shirt @ 67,346 won

St.Scott London: Orange Flap Shoulder Bag

Lewitt: Floral Coat ₩497,170

As seen on: tvN “Dating Agency: Cyrano” Episode 2


Review: Casio Baby-G Digital Watch
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Review on Casio Baby-G Standard Digital watch as seen on SNSD.

Ever since I knew Girls’ Generation would be modeling them, I am very excited to buy their Casio Baby-G watch. I’m a big fan of watches and I’m very careful on choosing which watch should I buy as I make it an accessory. While my parents and I are choosing which watch should I buy from Baby-G, I decided to get the digital one for a change. I’ve been wearing standard-analog watches, so I wanted to try the digital.

What are the specs for the digital Casio Baby-G watch?
Digital clock
Daylight Saving Time setter
Alarm clock
Built-in light
Hexagon-shaped container

So I’m going to review the standard-digital one only since that’s the item that I bought from the watch store.

For the advantages of this watch, first of all, it can be worn by both men and women. I’ve seen a lot guys wearing the digital watch especially the watch that Sooyoung’s model. Of course, the guys chose a boyish type color like black and blue. So guys can actually wear something that our girls endorsed. It’s also very easy to read the time because it’s digital. You can also see how many seconds have passed already. There’s also a built-in timer that you can use for Physics laboratory activities and Gym classes. The timer also has this program that you can split-time. It is also water-proof, so you don’t have to worry if it gets wet. One advantage for those who live in the US or Canada can use the daylight saving time setter for summer and winter time. Well, I haven’t tried using that since I live in Asia. There’s a built-in light that you can use at night or when it’s dark. Just press the letter G and the light will turn on. The watch also comes in a cute hexagon tin container.


- Don’t choose a white one because the back really gets dirty after you use it and if you have a pretty dusty place, don’t buy a white one. Try buying the black watch or a dark colored watch. You should always place the watch inside the tin case so it won’t be dirty and make sure to clean it with wipes weekly.

- Don’t choose a watch that has a neon background. The digital clock is very hard to see during daylight.

- Don’t use the alarm clock for waking you up in the morning. One time I used it, I actually didn’t hear the alarm. Use the alarm for reminding purposes only when your at work or in school like if you’re going to drink medicine. That would help! And this is my first time using a digital watch that has an alarm on it, I don’t really know how to use it. So better read the manual before using the watch.

All in all, the watch comes in handy all the time especially when you’re a student. Casio Baby-G watches comes in a variety of designs and colors, so make sure to choose a watch that’s comfortable for you and that suits your taste.

Rating: 4/5

You can purchase it here and for the limited edition, click here. The watches that the girls wear are still available in all leading watch stores nationwide.