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Yoona: Claudie Pierlot, Steve J & Yoni P, Monday Edition, And More
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Claudie Pierlot: Mini Sweater @ €185


Steve J & Yoni P: Long Lace Dress @ ₩398,000

Monday Edition: Big Pearl Helvetica Cameo Bracelet @ ₩120,000


Claudie Pierlot: Magnum Sweater @ €225


Claudie Pierlot: Sybil Skirt @ €255 €127.50

Tods: Patent Leather Sandals @

As seen at: SURE Magazine, August Edition

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Yoona: Cartier, See by Chloé, and more
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Yoona Monaco Cartier

Club Monaco: Tika Dress @ $198.50
Amulette De Cartier Necklace (Yellow gold, diamonds, white mother-of-pearl) $9,000
Amulette De Cartier Necklace (Pink gold, diamonds, onyx) $9,000
Amulette De Cartier Bracelet (Pink gold, diamond, onyx) $1,910

Yoona SeebyChloe Cartier

See by Chloé: Spring 2014 RTW Collection
Amulette De Cartier Necklace (B3047500) $4,450
Amulette De Cartier Bracelet (Yellow gold, diamond, white mother-of-pearl) $1,910
Amulette De Cartier Bracelet (White gold, diamonds) $5,150

Yoona JHJZ Cartier

Johnny Hates Jazz: Spring/Summer 2014 Collection
Amulette De Cartier Necklace (N3299006)
Amulette De Cartier Bracelet (N6705116)

Yoona Cartier

Cartier: Amulette De Cartier Necklace (B3047400) $2,030

Yoona Athe VB

Vanessa Bruno Athé: Pink Beige Drape Sleeveless Dress @ ~$421

As seen in: Cosmopolitan Magazine, May 2014 Issue

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Yuri: Fossil
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Erin Satchel – Brown @ $218

ID Plaque Wrap @ $48



Sydney Organiser Mini – Brown @ $118

Metal Tube Bracelet @ $38



Sydney Satchel – Heritage Blue @ $178

Anchor Necklace @ $28



Sydney Shopper – Sky Blue @ $168

Sculptor Link Charm Starter @ $68 

Strawberry Charm @ $24



Sydney Top Zip – Watermelon @ $128



Key-Per Beach Tote – Stripe @ $108

Double Buckle Wrist Wrap @ $38



Erin Small Top Zip – Black & Brown @ $98



Erin Tote – Tidal Blue @ $198

As seen at: Instyle Magazine, May 2014 Issue

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Yoona: Céline, Chloé, Theory, and more
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Sandro: Leather Enjeu Bralette @ € 148
Maje: Ennivre lace-up textured-leather shorts @ £250


Céline: Fall 2014 Collection


CH Carolina Herrera: Spring 2014 Collection


Chloé: Sleeveless wool-blend crepe jacket @ £1,370


Ko So Young: Spring 2014 Collection

As seen in: Marie Claire Korea Magazine – April 2014 Issue

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Review: Hermès Clic H Bracelet
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Review on Hermès’s Clic H Bracelet as seen on Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Jessica.

One of Hermès’ most iconic bracelets, the Clic H bracelet is a piece Hermes collectors should have. Featuring a ‘H’ clasp to represent the brand, Clic H bracelets are one of the easiest Hermes items one can find.

Coming in an array of vibrant enamel colours, the Clic H bracelet comes in 3 different ‘wideness,’ – narrow, wide, and extra wide. You can also choose which hardware you would like for the bracelet (either gold plated hardware or silver palladium hardware.) Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Jessica all have the narrow versions of the bracelet.


The bracelet is made in France and the quality of it is superb. The design of the bracelet is a classic and it would never go out of style. It is also very simple and casual which will attract the attention of different ages, particularly consumers in the range of 10s – 30s. 

When I first bought this bracelet, I was confused as to how I would wear the bracelet because the diameter looks pretty small. Hermès uses a rather discreet and interesting way for people to wear the bracelet. The ‘H’ clasp can be slightly turned and opened, allowing the customer to fit their hand inside. If a pick pocketer were to steal your bracelet, it’d be difficult for him / her to actually get it out of your hand.


One of the drawbacks I find is that although I bought the smallest size of the bracelet, it is still quite loose and would occasionally drape down my arm which I find to be slightly annoying. The bracelet is also rather heavy for a bracelet due to the material it is made out of which might be a turn off for some people.

Another drawback is wearing the bracelet itself. After opening the bracelet through the ‘H’ clasp, you need to close the bracelet and return the ‘H’ clasp back to it’s original position for it to secure. When you first buy the bracelet, it is difficult to connect the two parts of the bracelet together because it is not as flexible and as a result, part of your skin near the wrist area might be accidentally ‘clasped’ along the way as you try to return the bracelet into the original position. Once the bracelet has been worn many times though, it will start to get more ‘flexible.’

The biggest drawback for consumers would definitely be the price. For the narrow version of the bracelet, it costs $610 but to some people, the price may be no surprise as Hermes usually has a high price range for everything they produce due to the fact that they want to be exclusive as a brand.

All in all, it is a great bracelet to have. It is classy and simple and would definitely appeal to many people and would give your outfit more ‘pop!’ If the price was toned down a bit more, it would surely attract even more consumers!

Rating: 3.5/5 

You can purchase the bracelet here.

 Image credit: withsosi