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Get your PARTY hair!
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It has been a while since the girls have prepared for a summer comeback (the last summer comeback being Genie). Typically, the girls tend to have a comeback in the winter months. With a bright and summery comeback in full swing, it is without a doubt that the girls’ hair colours took a relatively drastic change as well. Let’s take a closer look at each of the member’s hair colour!


Get This Look: Yoona @ Wonderful Nightmare VIP Premiere (08/05/15)
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1. Wallis: Black Tailored Blazer @ ~$43
2. First Closet: White Letter Print Short Sleeve T-shirt @ $12.99
3. Zara: Ripped Denim Shorts @ $29.90
4. Danielle Nicole: Milana Clutch @ ~$48.81
5. DABAGIRL: Set of 5 – Various Ring @ $25.90
6. WACO: Open Peep Toe High Heel Stiletto Ankle Boots @ ~$49.17

Total cost = $209.77

Outfit of the week
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It will come as no surprise that this week’s OTW winner is our model Sooyoung, who took away the honour with a simple t-shirt and jeans combination.

At the Incheon airport, Sooyoung wore a sheer black t-shirt with a slim fit distressed jeans. To spice up her unornamented outfit, she tugged in the front of her t-shirt plus a silver watch. The key that made her stand out would be her black gladiator sandals, which makes her outfit more masculine and it goes well with her lean, long legs. Oh yes, and not to mention Sooyoung oppa’s gaze that could pierce through her sunglasses, and her occasional hair flips.

Congratulations to our Sooyoung oppa! Let’s see what kind of surprises SNSD will bring to us next time.

Outfit of the Week
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Hello SoshiStyle readers! Sorry we’ve been away these past few weeks from “Outfit of the Week”. A lot of things came up, but we’re back in gear and happy to bring you your weekly dose of your favorite outfits! This week, after a double poll, Taeyeon and Yoona both took top honors for their airport fashion in their respective weeks. Let’s take a look at each of their outfits!


Despite being the oldest member of the group, Taeyeon once again manages to look several years younger with this cute ensemble. While several other members opted for shorts, Taeyeon went one step further and sported a cute stonewash denim romper, perfect for the coming summer heatwave(and no doubt a good choice for their trip to Thailand). Being a romper, there was not much else to the outfit other than a black belt. For shoes, she went with a pair of metallic oxfords, and unusually enough, had both a shoulder bag and a handbag. Hairstyle wise, blonde Taeyeon was back for the week, though her pink tips we saw on Instagram weren’t yet applied.


Notice anything familiar? Think maybe Taeyeon had a hand in styling Yoona? Hmmm. No matter, Yoona looked as fashionable as she did comfortable in her denim variation. Rather than a romper, Yoona sported a modest dress, though she did show quite a bit of her slender legs thanks to it’s mid-thigh cut. The dress was a great choice for an airport outfit, as it’s reasonable length and comfy material no doubt helped on the hours long flight. Her metallic sandals likewise are perfect for traveling. For accessories, she carried a dark pink bag and wore a pair of light pink Lolita sunglasses.

Thank you again for joining us for Outfit of the Week, and as always, thank you for voting!

Image Credit: Dispatch, Yoonaya