SNSD: DKNY x Opening Ceremony, Fausto Puglisi, O’2nd and more
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DKNY x Opening Ceremony: Logo Tank Top @ $159.57


Fausto Puglisi: Mixed Print Skater Dress @ $1855.82


Fausto Puglisi: ‘San Domenico’ Skirt @ $932.31


O’2nd: Denim Couture Jacket @ ₩398,000


Mary Katrantzou: Printed Jersey T-Shirt @ £265


Fleamadonna: Spring 2014 White Leather Jacket


3.1 Phillip Lim: Pom-Pom Grid-Knit Cardigan @ €380.33     


Clizy: Knitted Sweater Shirt


Isabel Marant: Garson Frayed Denim Vest @ €420


Jain Song: Bambi Sweater


Arche: Denim Zip Jacket @ ₩158,400

As seen at: SBS Healing Camp – Episode 132

Image Credit: Unique Hyun,4ip_Clover

SNSD: Balmain, Hermès, Pierre Hardy, and more
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Balmain: Jacquard Double Breasted Blazer @ $2,245.89

Kelly Bag 32 cm in Black

Twilly @ £125

*Jessica’s Twilly is in a different pattern.


Pierre Hardy: Cube-print Leather Pouch @ $199                                                                               Jimmy Choo: ‘Reno’ Lamé Passport Holder @ $295
Jungle Slip On Sneakers @ €110


Seohyun Mulberry

Mulberry: Bayswater Double Zip Tote in Oak @ £1,500

Sooyoung Double M

Double M: Travi Tote Bag @ ~$561


Trenta: XXX Snapback Black @ $49


Trenta: 30 Snapback Dark Grey @ $49


Coming Step: Shark Sleeve Jacket @ ₩230,230

As seen at: Gimpo Airport, 03/01/2014

Image Credit: completebliss

SNSD: Kenzo x New Era, Joyrich x Simpsons, Maje
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Kenzo x New Era: Watchful Eyes New Era Cap @ $60


Joyrich x Simpsons: Bad Boy Bart Jacket @ ₩455,000


Maje: Daim Cropped Sweater @ $136

As seen at: SM Entertainment Headquarters, Apgujeong, 02/14/2014

Review: Rimowa Salsa Air Luggage
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Image credit: yurilegs 

Rimowa has been an increasingly popular luggage brand among travelers due to it’s classiness and practicality. It has been dubbed as the “new era of luggage” with more and more people being aware of the brand and carrying it’s luggage. It is no doubt that one of our girls, Sunny have been spotted carrying it in the airport as well!

Rimowa offers a variety of luggages, ranging from the ever so light and popular Salsa Air to the classy and retro, Classic Flight. Sunny has been spotted with the Salsa Air, in which this review will be on.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 22.27.11

The main advantage and the primary selling point of the Salsa Air would be it’s weight. The luggage is incredibly light, you can mark my words! If you are a person who tends to stuff a lot in your luggage and it is always over weight, the Salsa Air would be a great choice of luggage for you! The cabin luggage weighs in at a mere 1.9kg whereas the largest luggage of the Salsa Air collection weighs 3.6kg. The luggages also come in a variety of colours, besides its sizes. Sunny has been seen with the luggage in Pearl Rose. I have quite a number of the Salsa Air luggages and in different colours as well; 3 in ice blue, 1 in white, and 2 in navy blue.

The luggage is made of polycarbonate which, makes the luggage durable and strong, being nearly indestructible and at the same time, being light. One might worry about the outer shell of the luggage but it is actually quite sturdy and tough. You won’t have to worry about the shell being dented after being thrown around in the cargo. I have never had a problem with the shell of my luggage being dented or any of that sort.The luggage comes with two handles, one on top and one on the side, to make it easier to lift. The luggage is accompanied with eight wheels, two on each edge of the luggage. This makes it very easy to maneuver the luggage as it is on ‘all fours.’

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 22.27.00

The insides of the luggage are accompanied with nets, one on each side of the luggage, to ensure that all your belongings do not fall out when you open it up. The inside of the luggage is rather spacious, allowing consumers to put whatever they need to in the luggage.


As one uses the luggage more and more often, one might find that the rubber edges outlining the zips of the luggage might be worn out. However, this doesn’t hinder anything and can be fixed if the luggage is still under warranty. About half my Salsa Airs have this problem and I’ve gotten it all replaced or fixed. I have also experienced a situation where the the zippers inside the luggage for the nets came off, but it was only one zip and it only happened once. The zip can be easily placed back or if it does pose as a threat, you can send it back to the shop to get it fixed, if it’s still under warranty.

Like all other luggages, it will get dirty easily as it is constantly being thrown in the cargo here and there. To avoid the dirtiness from being seen, avoid buying light colours like white.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 22.27.26

Lastly, the price would be a definite major setback for some. For a luggage with a basic design, it is quite expensive. However, in my opinion, the luggage is worth the investment. I have bought 6 Salsa Airs already to this date and have had no major problems with the luggage.

All in all, I believe it is worth the investment to get a Salsa Air for travelling!

 Rating: 5/5

Look through the various Salsa Airs here and choose one you like!

Jessica: Soup
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Basic Pink Trench Coat @ ₩109,000

Satin Dress @ ₩189,000


Soup: H-Line Printed Dress @ ₩189,000


Soup: Short Flared Trench Jacket @ ₩99,000


Soup: Black Quilted Handbag @ ₩59,000



Jewelry Printed Shorts @ ₩109,000

Slim Line Collarless Jacket @ ₩169,000

As seen at: Soup Promotional Pictures