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  • Jessica at Incheon Airport Departures 05/08 (32%, 530 Votes)
  • Yoona at Gimpo Airport Arrivals 05/08 (16%, 259 Votes)
  • Jessica at Gimpo Airport Arrivals 05/08 (15%, 243 Votes)
  • Tiffany at Gimpo Airport Arrivals 05/08 (11%, 174 Votes)
  • Seohyun at Gimpo Airport Arrivals 05/08 (9%, 146 Votes)
  • Taeyeon at Gimpo Airport Arrivals 05/08 (8%, 124 Votes)
  • Yuri at Gimpo Airport Arrivals 05/08 (6%, 96 Votes)
  • Hyoyeon at Gimpo Airport Arrivals 05/08 (3%, 42 Votes)
  • Sunny at Gimpo Airport Arrivals 05/08 (0%, 25 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,638

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  1. melgal7 ·

    these polls r just a popularity contest, not much to do with the style. Jessica and Yoona always win even if they wear exactly what everyone else is wearing

    • sone27leen ·

      I guess this is why Style Soshified did not do fan vote before this year…. But, this time, my vote goes to sica in the black dress :)

    • elepop ·

      Exactly. If I’m not mistaking, Sica has won every single time she was in the poll. Even before the OOTW poll system, Sica won every other week. I’m not saying Sica doesn’t dress well enough to win, I’m just saying it’s really predictable.

    • M ·

      It is pretty disappointing that these polls are filled with a lot of bias and readers are not voting for the best outfit of the week, instead voting for their favourite member.

      The reason the polls were introduced was because readers complained and disagreed with some of our picks, so this was a way to give readers more of a voice for what they thought was OTW. That being said, we have tried to balance it with Reader’s Choice & Stylist’s Choice.

      If it does continue to be that Yoona and Jessica continually win (we’ll monitor this for 2 more months) when clearly their outfits were not the best of the week we will unfortunately take away the poll option.

    • Carmenn ·

      I’m sorry for riding on your comment, but in my opinion this has nothing to do with popularity.. First of all if you compare for example Tiffany/Yuri’s forums with Jessica, you can clearly see they are more “popular” than Jess. So if all those bias people voted for them they would clearly win every time and that’s not the case. I think the majority just prefer Jessica’s style and that has nothing to do with “popularity votes”.
      And to add my opinion, the other girls also wear fashionable clothes, but with Jess, her outfit is well put together as a whole with the bags/accessories/shoes.