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Vote for Outfit of the Week

  • Jessica at STUDSWAR Launch (29%, 700 Votes)
  • Jessica at Soup Fansign Event (19%, 444 Votes)
  • Seohyun at Salvatore Ferragamo "L’Icona" Launch (17%, 409 Votes)
  • Sooyoung at Double-M Styling Talk Concert (13%, 319 Votes)
  • Tiffany at Salvatore Ferragamo "L’Icona" Launch (11%, 263 Votes)
  • Taeyeon at Salvatore Ferragamo "L’Icona" Launch (11%, 256 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,391

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  1. ChloeAhn ·

    Another tough one this week. My favorite would be Seohyun with Tiffany as a very close second. Then Jessica at Soup fansign. I have to say though, Jessica’s top at the STUDWAR launch reminds me of Swiffer mop pads.

    • miss mirror monster ·

      thank you for pointing that out! how i wish the 399 people who voted for sica’s studswar outfit read your comment before voting.

      • sone27leen ·

        I know I’ll get bash for saying this but, from every poll I seen, I have the feeling that people just vote for Jessica no matter what she wears….

        • ferenity ·

          No, I think so too. Soshified should add other criteria, for example, 50% fanvote, 50% independent unbiased vote from all the posters who know something about fashion…

        • taeny57 ·

          yea, i feel the same way too.
          sometimes, i agree that jessica wears the best among the votes
          however when every single time outfit of the something is voted by sones, jessica wins
          i’d rather read editor’s choice, than voting

          anyway, i think outfits of tts are pretty nice for spring and so fresh. however i guess jessica will get her otw three in a row

      • ChloeAhn ·

        I don’t know if that would have changed anything. The photo above really doesn’t show the details of the blouse. In other pictures I’ve seen, there was wind blowing which allowed the blouse to move. Swiffer was the first thing that popped in my head lol