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Vote for Outfit of the Week

  • Taeyeon at Incheon Airport (29%, 682 Votes)
  • Sooyoung at RAUM House Warming Party (22%, 518 Votes)
  • Taeyeon at B-Ing Press Conference (20%, 457 Votes)
  • Seohyun at Helianthus Spring 2014 LESLEY launch (14%, 323 Votes)
  • Sunny at Rio 2 Premiere (11%, 247 Votes)
  • Sooyoung at Bruno Mars' 2014 Concert (4%, 116 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,343

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  1. ferenity ·

    I’m torn up among 3 looks: Sooyoung’s at RAUM, Taeyeon’s at the airport and Sunny’s Rio 2 Premiere. Sooyoung’s reminds me of her Balmain mini dress she wore, but this time it’s too short for my liking. The last time, the dress hugged her body perfectly, this time with the sheer fabric flying around, it’s a little risky. Taeyeon has that nice casual feel, but the look lacks something. Sunny looks good, but her hair doesn’t suit the look.

  2. andy5251 ·

    Sooyoung at Bruno Mars concert what wear they thinking let alone THAT suit but with the messed up sneakers this is wear classic black pumps come in