Sooyoung: Nina Ricci, Stiu
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Nina Ricci: Resort 2012 Collection

Stiu: White Heels @ ₩49,500

As seen at: I AM. Showcase, 04/30/2012

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    • cream ·

      Not actually. Sooyoung wears the skirt from the Resort 2012 Collection (and is not wearing a one piece) – the link you posted is a one-piece dress.

      You can tell it’s the same skirt (although wrinkled most likely from sitting down) from the Resort collection from the telltale runched detailing at the top of the skirt and the hemline.

  1. Luffz ·

    Don’t hate, but I think this was .. kind of a miss for Sooyoung. Even though I love her, this dress really didn’t do her justice at all.