Seohyun: Hit or Miss?
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The subject of this month’s Hit or Miss poll is Seohyun, who was seen wearing a 3.1 Phillip Lim Short Sleeve Contrast Top Dress at the Popular Music Committee Launching Event. The big question that arises from this outfit is: is this dress classy or does it make her look like an old lady?

The appropriate length of this Phillip Lim piece definitely makes Seohyun look mature, which matches her somewhat conservative personality. The simplicity and monotonous color of the dress may seem classy, but these aspects are also responsible for making the dress border on dullness.

The lack of captivating colors and the loose sheer sleeves age her too much, and her plain shoes don’t emphasize her youth either. Another issue in this outfit is the fitting; the dress is not well tailored to Seohyun’s body so she looks slightly bulky and we cannot appreciate the great figure she has.

Overall, it seems like her outfit lacks in different aspects (hairstyle, jewelry, color, etc.). Seohyun will have lots of time when she’s older to wear simple and mature clothes, so why not take advantage of her youth and have more fun with fashion?!

So what do you say? Classy or overly mature? Hit or Miss?

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  1. tiffyyt ·

    love you guys, but that picture of the dress just isn’t fair. from the front view and also with this picture, i thought this dress was superb.

    note that this dress was for some type of serious event. this kind of dress is exactly the kind of dress a young woman would sport for work or a office event.

    it is cute that the v cut above mirrors the v cute below…seobb’s shoes were a perfect office nude. from the front it is also clear that seobb’s hips were nicely emphasized by the cut.

    seobb definitely was a stand out beauty at this event. i personally was sure that seobb’s outfit was perfectly put together. i am surprised at this post and at the votes

  2. Loveheart91 ·

    I love the dress, it definitley follows todays trends. However, it does not flatter Seohyuns body at all. The length of it makes her look short, while the overall fit does not accentuate her frame.
    As for whether or not it makes her look like an old lady, I would say it makes her look mature and professional. She is at an age where she is transitioning from a girl to a young lady and this type of dress suits that role perfectly.