Tiffany: Carven, Opening Ceremony, Junya Watanabe, Bean Pole
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Dentelle Crop Top @ $163
Mid-length skirt@ $300

Bean Pole: Kate pink cross bag @ ₩458,000

Opening Ceremony: Short-sleeve Pleated Dress @ $153

Junya Watanabe: Imitation Leather Ester Organdy Jacket @ $645

Carven: Cotton Twill Dress @ $276
Bean Pole: Kate Cross Bag @ ₩ 448,200

As seen in: First Look Magazine -  August 2012 Issue

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  1. ForeverSNSD1 ·

    I love what your wearing fany! Your so beautiful! I love you more than ever fany! Stat healthy and strong! We will always support you! 사랑을 해요!

  2. neonrainbowstarrs ·

    can somebody help me figure out how to achieve her hair color/cut?? mainly color though, thats the exact shade i want my hair!!