Sooyoung: Hit or Miss?
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A few weeks ago, Sooyoung was photographed in a questionable outfit at the Gimpo Airport. Sooyoung was wearing Isabel Marant cropped jeans with vertical stripes that made her already long legs look even longer, finishing off with simple oxford shoes. Sooyoung carried an Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel Bag, a great to-go bag seen often with many of the SNSD members. Everything was going well waist down, but waist up, we started to have our doubts.

The piece that created controversy was a Markus Lupfer shirt with the image of a corset printed on it. That along with the black embroidery on the bra area might have been what made this shirt look somewhat cheap, perhaps her posture in the photograph wasn’t helping much either.

After having seen Sooyoung in mostly classy outfits, what do you say about this one? Hit or miss?

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  1. M cream ·

    I have to agree with you, the Markus Lupfer top really ruined the look.
    I personally think there is too much going on with the outfit, the Isabel Marant pants should have been paired with a simple white top that would have balanced things out nicely. A rare miss for Sooyoung’s off-duty looks unfortunately.

  2. Candice ·

    Hmm, I personally like this outfit. I agree it would have looked better with a simple white top, but this is a nice change.

  3. Della ·

    Its an oversized shirt that isn’t transparent, backless, or baring her midriff..its really not that bad. The way it was worn made it look off. If it was untucked or if she had worn it with bottoms that went up to where the corset was cut off, it would have looked better but to say she looks “trashy” (as if she was actually wearing a corset) is a bit extreme.

    Its just a T-shirt with a corset ‘printed’ on it and she’s at an airport, SNSD wears much worse at their concerts with thousands more present.

  4. Andrea ·

    I dunno whether it’s because it’s tucked in or not fitted that I don’t like the top this particular way. I do like the top but I think it should be flowing or else really fitted but it does take the look of a really nice outfit shame though it’s a miss

  5. Anonymous ·

    Haters gonna hate. I personally think the look of the pants mirrors the design in the top, making it suitable for her slim figure. 8/10, because I don’t like the string on the pants.