Jessica: Daum Hairstyle
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You Might Need:

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Remington Wet 2 Straight Limited Edition $27.99
This flat iron is designed for transforming wet hair into dry sleek hair. his flat irons unique channels extract moisture from damp hair and allow steam to escape through the vents. This process dries the hair and seals cuticles at the same time. Creating long lasting, shiny styles in less time.
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Ouidad Styling Mist Setting & Holding Spray $15.00
A crystal clear, dual-purpose formula created to combine long lasting hold with the freedom of movement needed for contemporary styling. Use it to hold style in place once complete or as a setting spray to secure strands as they dry – and assure that a specific pattern or style stays put.
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1. Start off with a damp hair and dry it with a blow-dryer.

2. Comb or brush your hair to remove the tangles.

3. Get from the bottom part of your hair approximately 1.5 inch of your hair. Top the Remington Wet 2 Straight Limited Edition flat iron onto your hair, and slowly make a twist and glide it down towards the end.

4. Then, spray the curls with Ouidad Styling Mist Setting & Holding Spray.

5. Repeat the steps 4 – 5 onto the remaining parts of your hair.

6. Then, comb your bangs upward and twist it two times.

7. Then, finish off by clipping your bangs with any clip and make sure that your bangs is in the upward direction.


requested by Ainan

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