Yoona: Coming Step
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Coming Step: Handmade Racoon Fur Cape @ Lotte.gmarket.co.kr ~$376

As seen: Outside Ed Sullivan Theater 02/01/12

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  1. june park ·

    i was able to see snsd today at the fan signing in best buy.. and honestly yoona was so pretty in real life <333 my alligator yoongggie~~!!

  2. M ·

    Fur is not any worse than eating meat or buying leather products.
    The absurd thing is that everyone is so anti fur but they eat meat with passion since you kill the cow or lamb etc and eat it. Then what? Nothing. The fur lasts for such a long time. I have for example inherited my grand mothers mother’s old mink fur and wolf fur. They are from the 1950s.
    I eat meat myself too but I just wanted to tell you that eat is not long lasting while fur is.

    • Ava ·

      Hi M, I would like to explain to you why many people hate fur.

      Although I understand eating meat is the same thing as killing an animal, using an animal for consumption and using an animal for clothes are two separate things.
      When an animal is killed for consumption, they kill it instantly with an electric shock (at least they do in my country,I know some countries don’t altough I know the well-being for animals isn’t always top priority in my country if you look at the terrible conditions they live in from the day they’re born until they die, which is why I don’t eat meat)
      I don’t eat meat but I would never judge those who do.

      For such a small piece of fur, many animals have to be killed and the way they are killed, is something that concerns me (and many others).
      Very often, they skin the animal alive and I think most people that are against fur know this very well. The animals suffer tremendously this way.
      I think most of us who have seen footage of the fur industry were terribly shocked and sad.

      Why use real fur when there’s fake fur or other warm fabrics to use in something as clothing ;) fake fur can last pretty long too!

      That being said, I do understand (and respect!) your opinion. So please don’t see it as a way of attacking you.