SNSD: J.ESTINA, s.ta, Coming Step
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Notes: 1

s.ta: Rider Jumper @ ~$210
J.ESTINA: Luxe Heart Clutch @ ~$527

Notes: 1

J.ESTINA: Christmas Angelica Backpack @ ~$388

Notes: 3

Coming Step: Leather Coat @ ~$399
J.ESTINA: Luxe Skull Clutch @ ~$527

All seen at: Gimpo Airport – January 10, 2011

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  1. guest ·

    can i make a request? can you post what is the watch jessica was wearing in that picture? i have a link from a different angle so that you can see the watch clearly :

  2. Wari ·

    Sometimes it makes me a little sad to think that the girls are being paid to endorse the bags this way. Like, it’s pretty obvious when all or most of them are carrying/using the same designer brand. But it’s business and the company probably sent the merchandise to the girls for free anyway. Great way of advertising for them and the girls get free stuff. Everyone wins! LOL

  3. cream ·

    The bags were blatantly on display for advertisement purposes. I know they are currently the brand ambassador for J.Estina but this trip to the airport was such a blatant onslaught of intentional promotion that it became tasteless.

    It’s disappointing because they are off-duty and this is one of the few times we really get to see their “true” style only to have it rendered so “fake” by the bags. I personally find the small clutches (from J.Estina’s latest range) that Taeyeon and Jessica are seen with so ridiculous – exactly what are they are carrying in there when they obviously have large handbags with them? The only members that actually made the J.Estina bags seem unintentionally there for promotional purposes were Sooyoung, Seohyun and Tiffany. I say, leave the endorsements to events and advertisements.

    • gm3211 ·

      i agree… the bags of taeyeon and jessica are so showy that they are just carrying them for the purpose of advertising! I don’t think it really matched with taeyeon’s outfit and it’s so obvious she is just exposing it… but she’s still cute. Jessica’s clutch is so “what the hell is that clutch doing there?”