Tiffany: Suecomma Bonnie, BDG, Givenchy
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Suecomma Bonnie: Boots @  ~$366


BDG: Elbow Patch Pullover Sweatshirt @ $34.99

Givenchy: Medium Textured Pandora Messenger @ $1660

As seen at: Blue Salt VIP Premiere – August 23, 2011

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  1. chia ·

    i love the T shirt.
    by the way,, do you know about yoona’s bag that she wearing on that premier movie? that yellow one.
    i like it but i can’t find what it is.

  2. tae suk ·

    In case anyone’s wondering, or if ssf would like to add the price of the sweater, it’s 34.99

    I have it myself hehe 8D i like to pair it with black footless tights and chestnut uggs ^^