Jessica: Tiffany & Co., Olympus
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Tiffany & Co. : Tiffany Notes Letter “J” Round Pendant @ $165

Olympus: PEN E-P1 14-42mm Digital Camera @ $499.95

As seen on: SNSD photo album in Phuket

Thanks to Linda for the tip!

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  1. gm3211 ·

    i watched the DVD at youtube and I saw this
    haha I love it when they took pictures, it has lots of shots, and watching them change faces is too adorable!
    if you haven’t watch it yet, better watch it now or else…. it might be removed. haha. too late

  2. crenmao ·

    i looked up the newest model PEN e-p3 and it’s got a nice little pop-up flash !!
    really wanted to get myself a e-p1 or 2 since they cost only about 500 bucks now but omg they added a flash on the e-p3 no way i gonna choose an older one over this~!
    takes ages to afford it (899€?!) but this camera is just technically amazing and stylish like all-in-one!!
    the vitage-style body is really cool ! finally a camera that fits my taste

    ty soshistyling-team~

    gonna get myself the white one <3 damn i love white!