Taeyeon: Comme des Garcons Play
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Comme des Garcons Play: Color Heart Play Tee in Blue (Ladies) @ Head-porter.org $92

Image Credit: Jessture.net

As seen in: 110624 Airport

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  1. simixxx ·

    And in this pic: http://tinypic.com/r/11bnthl/7

    hyoyeon unnie is wearing this shirt in orange: http://spao.co.kr/Style/StyleDetail.aspx?StyleCode=SPHW122C12&SCtIdx=55&CategoryIdx=2&StyleType=&CurPage=

    jessica unnie is wearing this is yellow: http://spao.co.kr/Style/StyleDetail.aspx?StyleCode=SPHW122C11&SCtIdx=55&CategoryIdx=2&StyleType=&CurPage=

    annd yoona unnie is wearing this in blue: http://spao.co.kr/Style/StyleDetail.aspx?StyleCode=SPHW122C11&SCtIdx=55&CategoryIdx=2&StyleType=&CurPage=

  2. Racheiru ·

    Love how she has the fav colour as me . BLUE xD
    She always wears or has it. A blue heart.. (instead of a red one keke)
    She looks great in everything~~ (rlly want this blue one!)